Dr. Greg Cook (Our vet for over 20 yrs., lab lover) Broadway Animal Hospital Phone: 607-734-1272

Here are some letters from some of our many pleased clients.  Sometimes it’s good for you to hear what OTHER people say about our dogs instead of us… (we are pleased to report we get letters like this almost DAILY!!)

Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!

Hi, I thought I’d send a few shots of Lux. He is growing to be such a big boy. Today he turns 9 mos. old, but it seems like he has been with us a life time. he is such a part of the family. We love him dearly. Loves playing in the snow,especially chasing snowballs. He sleeps like he hasn’t a care in the world as you can see from one picture. He has the thickest most beautiful coat of fur we’ve seen. There is a wavy patch down his back. He is smart, playful, funny. Does it sound like we enjoy him? Yes, we do. Enjoy following you on Facebook and reading the different articles printed. Thank you for a great pal !!! Dave & Elaine Duschang 2/28/15

Lux (Scotch pup) Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello EML, just wanted to give you updated on our beautiful girl Josie (Daizy/Devon). What a character! Josie is attending school weekly for obedience and ‘home schooling’. In home schooling Josie is learning how to turn on lights, retreiving items such as TV remotes, slippers etc, picking up her toys at night and learning to wipe her own feet. What a ham! She is flying through the lessons! We are very proud and look forward to what new trick she will learn. She starts ‘therapy dog’ classes in the spring! The photo is Josie giving the ‘stare’prior to our daily walks. They are the highlights of her day. Thanks for all you do, Len, georgianna and Josie Lingar 2/16/15

Josie (Daizy x Devon)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

I was ordering some Bully Sticks for Hailey on the Flint River site and came across a link for Endless Mountains. It has been a while and I wanted to give you an update on Hailey. She is now 20 months old and wonderful Lab. She is absolutely beautiful and her temperament is amazing. Literally – everybody loves Hailey. She is smart as a whip and friendly to everyone.

Thanks again for an amazing puppy – she has been a fantastic addition to our family since day one.


Don Connors

PS – I attached a couple of pictures of Hailey – thought you might want to see how she has grown. She looks just like her Mom. I remember when we came to pick up Hailey we meet Elise and she had a toy in her mouth the entire time. When we have visitors, Hailey runs to her toy box and grabs a toy that she brings to greet people. Just like her Mom.

Hailey- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia!

Thought you would like to see some pictures of Vinny and Eleanor. They LOVE the snow!! Eleanor will bark at us until we make a snowball and throw it for her to catch. Vinny has to be bribed with treats to come back in the house if there is snow. I meant to send the other picture around the holidays. Hope all is well!

Corrin 2/5/15

eleanor, vinny and their girleleanor and vinny in the snow

Hi Anastasia, Donna and Jonathan,

Finley (Erica & Mackie) was three months old yesterday and part of our family for exactly one of those months. What a joy she is! From Day 1, she has charmed her way into our hearts: A quick study and so willing to please, playful and loving.

After a few whimpers in the car as we left the Endless Mountains, she settled right down and slept most of the way home, a four hour trip. She has slept through the night, with no accidents, since Day 1. (That’s a gift we’ll take!) And we’re coming along pretty well with the potty training. She’ll sit by the sliding door in her gated part of the kitchen, give a little whine or bark, and that’s our clue. (Of course, she has also been known to do that just when she’d like to get outside for awhile, with no need to go.)

She understands a sharp “no” and has learned that when we go out, she must first sit down by the door and wait for the leash to be fastened, and the same when we come back in. Puppy classes start this evening, so it will be fun to see what new things she’ll learn.

We are so happy that we found Endless Mountain Labradors. How grateful we are for our beautiful little pup and are confident that she will be yet another shining reflection of your careful breeding.

Finley – early January 2015.

Peggy and Ron Gregg 1/13/15

Finley- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All.

Today this handsome man turned one year old. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. He is such a wonderful dog. He loves the snow! He plows his head in it, rolls in it, and makes snow “doggies” in it. He just got back from a 5 day “vacation” to the cabin in Bedford County with dad. They had a great time taking hikes and playing in the snow. The pink pig rib flavored nylabone in the picture was his birthday present. He loves it! He has had a great year. He learned how to swim and to water fowl hunt. He is a great companion, and we can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with him. Mackie would be proud of the man that his son is becoming! Thank you EML for raising these beautiful labs.

Christy, Tim and family 1/11/15

PS Look at that beautiful face. It receives lots of kisses everyday!

Deacon (Loretta x mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Anastasia,

Hope you are well! We just wanted to write and let you know how great it has been since we picked up Bear (Sicily/Spencer male). Each morning after eating breakfast, he grabs a toy and sits in one of our laps while we have our morning coffee and watch the news. He has been such a joy and is such a relaxed dog. He loves his Flint River Ranch lamb millet (does jump spins while we get it ready in his bowl) and his favorite treats are vanilla greek yogurt, baby carrots and ice cubes. On Thanksgiving he laid around all day, surrounded by a wild household of 18 people. Everyone kept remarking that they have never seen a puppy act so calm. We’ve had so many people on the streets comment on his beautiful coat and rich chocolate color. Sometimes he gives us a look that we have coined “the Spencer look” since his face looks so much like his dad’s in that moment. We just love him so much and wanted to say hi and thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Happy Holidays!

Dan & Kate McKenna 01/08/15

Bear (sicily x spencer) sitting in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors Bear (sicily x spencer) standing in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors

Our 10 year old boy from Doc and his new buddy who we picked up Saturday. Both exhausted from playing together. Love at first sight for them both. Our new puppy was awesome on the way home. Slept all night too!! Love the puppy essential oil spray!  Jill Pankosky 12/7/14

Doc boy and Scotch son (Pankosky) 120714

Ladies, we are calling Oakley the Thanksgiving Miracle. We had a 4 hour ride home in blizzard like conditions and other than 10 minutes total or so of whining he either slept peacefully or enjoyed chewing on his toys. Happily plopped into the snow upon arriving home and peed. He did pee as soon as we brought him in too but that’s probably because he was too cold outside in those conditions. Otherwise, we could have walked him more. After playing more at home, during which we introduced him to his crate using his toys – guess what he did? The pic tells it all! Thanks for a great experience! We’ll keep you updated. Warm regards, the Haldeman Family 11/26/14

Oakley (queenie x scotch)- Endless Mt. Labradors

This is our beautiful boy from Doc. Also our girl from Twila and Legacy. Both dogs raised in a house with older kids and adults. I have a great nephew and 2 great nieces. These dogs are amazing with them!!! They are very protective of them and love them so much. They are like little “nanny’s” Following them around (could be for the food they drop). We can’t wait to add our new boy from Scotch and Cello to our family!!!

Jill Pankosky 11/25/14

Doc son and baby- precious- Endless Mt. LabradorsTwila pup and baby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

I wanted to send you this photo of Angus, who we got from you some 9 + years ago, and Lola, who we got from you about 4 months ago. Stacey said that Angus was Lola’s great, great Uncle.

I’m 58, and have had dogs my entire life. We’ve had Labs during our family years, which is pushing 30 years. These two are, far and away, the finest dogs I’ve ever lived with. Lola, in particular, is an amazing dog. She is the finest dog I’ve ever had in the family. She has such a sweet, loving disposition. She is a lover! Lola is also incredibly intelligent. And, most importantly, she is so easy to train, that it’s a joy to behold. She wants to know what we expect of her, and can’t wait to comply! Our Vet, who is a grad of U. Penn., was beyond impressed with Lola’s lines and health.

Thank you for what I know has been many years of dedication to finding, and breeding the finest Labrador Retrievers on the planet. I’d never even think of getting a Lab from anyone by Endless Mountain Labradors.

Best wishes for a wonderful holidays to you, and your family.

Don Newman 11/22/14

Angus and Lola- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna:

Here is a recent picture of our baby boy. He is almost 2! Where does the time go? We love him to pieces! He is the best!

Hope all is well.

Kathy 11/5/14

Zackie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Zackie (Ruby x Mackie)

Hi Donna and Annastasia,
This was our little Laney in her Halloween costume. It is a little small on her , she grew from the day we bought which was only a week prior, must be that Flint River Ranch. Hope this makes you smile.
She us doing very good in puppy preschool. The trainer uses her to demonstrate to the class when she is showing new trained behaviors. Me and Chris are like proud parents. We can’t that you guys enough.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 11/5/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia and our Endless family,

Happy Fall! We hope you are enjoying the season in your beautiful “neck of the woods”. Here in Tidewater Va, Autumn is making her arrival in typical leisurely fashion. Libbie LOVES the new brisk air and swirling leaves. She is, through and through, a cold weather girl.

How fun to see her pictures in the recent blog! The big girl panties picture cracks me up. She took the whole ‘being in heat’
experience in stride. Gotta love the Endless Mt. Labrador temperament all the more at times like that!

I don’t know how to properly put into words how Libbie has changed our lives. We are completely spellbound by her beauty, kindness, loving grace, and warmth, every single day. Not one day goes by that we are touched deeply by how blessed we are to have her with us. She is truly our angel dog.

As has been her nature from day one, she continues to spread exuberant joy to everyone she meets, old, young, dog, human, friends and strangers alike. She livens up every class she takes, bringing laughter to each teacher and dog owner, adding levity and fun to the group.
They ALL love Libbie. She enters wagging, smiling, turning inside out to say hello and give her kisses. She “bows”, then lays on the floor when greeting all children and babies… And when she met a dog with paralyzed back legs. Libbie instinctively knows when to be extra gentle.
She is a true ambassador of love and grace.

We are continuing our weekly classes because she enjoys them so. She is in a continuous Graduate Novice class. She is doing her mama proud with her 4 minute down stays and 2 minute sit stays, beautiful heeling, recalls, and figure 8’s. And she’s getting the hang of the (not too high!) jumps too! Last week her friend Nixie’s owner called her “the flying Labrador”. She also still has a LOT of puppy in her. She’d like nothing more than to take off with a squeaky toy and engage the class to corral her. Butt in the air, toy in her mouth, chin on the floor..gesturing..”Come on..I dare ya!”

How do we thank you for the gift of Libbie? My heart melts searching for a way!

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since we brought her home. What a blessing of a year it has been! In a year of two, our dream is to bring another Endless Mt. Labbie into our lives. Maybe a baby brother for Libbie to nurture and love.

I’ll include some recent pictures of our dear girl..our angel.. our blessing.

We hope you both, and your families are happy and well!
Sending wags, kisses, hugs and love,

Libbie, Mary Bradford and Clint 11/3/14

Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of the boys. Keb (Scotch and Misty Mae) and Seeger (Tara & Mackie) are getting along marvelously! Keb is now 8 months old and Seeger is 4 months old. We are so happy to have 2 EML labs! They are both wonderful. Seeger is the most well behaved puppy we have ever had. He is such a good puppy that he goes to work with us everyday and hangs out in the office. I am so happy that he is so good and chocolate! It really is blowing the minds of those that think chocolates are crazy labs!!! And wow is he beautiful!

Seeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsSeeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

We had an exciting day. Raven got her first limit of pheasants (3 roosters). Thought it was time to send a photo and give you and update. She is a remarkable dog in so many ways. She is a perfect companion, house dog and all around good buddy. We have to remind ourselves she is only 10 months old, she is doing so well. She is very obedient, loves attention, takes hand signals, looks to you for attention in the field, has a great nose, has perfect range, and the only time she isn’t carrying something in her mouth is when she is sleeping. She is a pure joy to be around and has blended in with our two other dogs really nicely. Thanks again, couldn’t be more pleased.

Jennifer and Todd Felton

P.S. – If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(Rio and Lana’s pup)

Raven- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Murphy (Vegas x Atlas) who is now 16 months old. Here he is, after playing in the mud on a beautiful fall day.

Murphy is such a wonderful dog – always happy and so loving. We have several friends who got lab puppies about the same time as we brought home Murphy. Murphy, by far, is the most handsome of any of the dogs and has the perfect personality to match. He is fun-loving and playful yet obedient when he needs to be. But at 83 lbs., he doesn’t really realize that he isn’t a lap dog!

Murphy and our 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog Maddie are the best of friends. Despite the size difference, Maddie is clearly the boss!

Thank you so much for Murphy. Not a day goes by that we are not so thankful that he is part of our family. We tell everyone about Endless Mountain. You have the best labs!!!!
Susan and Todd
Shaker Heights, Ohio    10/27/14

Murphy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All at EML,

We were on vacation this summer in OBX, NC and had some family shots taken. When the photographer got down on her knee for a different angle, she couldn’t have known that is the international Labrador signal for ‘come to me’. This is one of the most fun shots we got. The photographer used it on her blog and a reality company she works with has asked to use it too. Maybe I’m biased but she really is a beaut! Grace was so good on the beach; she didn’t bother others (much) and would swim as far out as we were.
She chased birds and dug holes. Sounds like a great vacation to me. This is a Lynette/Hero puppy from 2/2011.


Grace- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia,
Here is a recent photo of our beautiful Laney. Thank you so much for blesses us with the little girl. She has brought us such joy this last month. She is so sweet and so smart. She even walks great on a leash. She is starting puppy preschool next Saturday. And also is attending her first Halloween party. She is going to be a pumpkin, we hope she wins best costume.
She loves people and other dogs. She is so well behaved. Thank you again for raising such beautiful dogs. My husband and I are are just in love with her. I truly don’t know how after being in the company of her you don’t believe that there is a God.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 10/20/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is one more from out trip. I told Abby place, pointed to the rock, we work on that a lot, it’s at 8,800 feet at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She was not allowed on the trails here, so she greeted people as the entered the trail from her “place”.

Bud 10/2/14

Abby (sicily x manny)

Hi Donna and Anastasia,

In honor of National Black Dog day we wanted to write and tell you all about our first few days with Jet. We love him so very much and already can’t imagine our family without him. He has brought countless smiles, laughter and love to our home. Jet is the sweetest puppy ever. He loves being around people and has been the highlight of a couple of soccer games and practices. Everyone has been in awe over him. Jet had a wonderful visit with our vet this morning. He’s playing, eating and sleeping beautifully. Thank you so much for all that you do for Labradors and for providing our family with Endless love!

Heather, Jeff, Caroline and Parker Hayter 10/1/14

Jet (Loretta x Mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 3 Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 6

Hi Donna,
Just wanted to send you a recent picture of the most loved dog on our planet…… George. Thank you again for the work that you do at Endless Mountain. This dog amazes us every day.
Laura and Scott Hawthorne 9/27/14

George- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here she is! Lady Bling exactly 1 week after we brought her home.
Our lives have changed…and for the better. What a joy she is!!! And what a good puppy
for 9 weeks old, and yes, very smart and determined…no shrinking
violet here!!

Kudos to Endless Mountain Labradors…

Best to all – Linda 9/27/14

Bling- Endless Mt. Labradors Bling (sicily x spencer) 2 Bling (sicily x spencer) 3 Bling (sicily x spencer) 4 Bling (sicily x spencer) 5 Bling (sicily x spencer) 6

Hi Annastasia,

We have some great new pics of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta). He is now 8 months old and weighs 60lbs. He gets comments of how beautiful he is everywhere we go, which is quite flattering :)

The beaches of New England are now open to dogs since the summer is over, so he has taken his turf back.

John 9/25/14

Barnaby- Endless Mt. LabradorsBarnaby- Endless Mt. Labradors


I am just writing to let you know that Deacon is about 9 months old now and doing great. He listens very well and has not destroyed one thing in our home. He is a perfect gentleman.

This past Saturday was the first day for youth duck hunting, ( I am not a hunter, but my husband and daughters are avid hunters). Anyway. Alli, her dad and Deacon went on their first duck hunt together and they both did great!! Deacon was the perfect Retriever! I have included a picture for you.

We love Deacon so much and are so glad that he is a part of our family!! He loves to lay on the couch with us in the evening and “watch” TV. He loves his Chocolate flavored Nyla Bones and his blankie. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow.

Christy 9/22/14

Deacon- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is a picture of Abby taking the drivers seat in our motor home when I get up to put fuel in it. She is now 13 months old and doing great. She is with us and in her fifth week on the road. This week at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab UT. Abby goes everyplace with us, at National Parks dogs cannot go on trails, so Alice and I take turns with the other staying back with Abby where she greats everyone entering the trails and is a total hit even rangers. While traveling she sleeps between our seats, but when we stop at a campground for the night its full Lab puppy ready to go.
Bud Roberts 9/22/14

Abby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here are a few pictures from our first days at home. Rosie loves to surround herself with toys! She brings them out of her basket, piles them up on the floor and then collapses right in the middle of all of them! She also fell asleep last night watching football with her dad – picture below. She slept like that for an hour :) Safe to say she is a happy little pup!

Lauren South 9/22/14

Rosie- Endless Mt. LabradorsRosie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi All,
Just wanted to give you a George (Devon/Daizy) update. He is growing like crazy at 45 lbs. and just graduated from puppy class level one(he did real well). He starts level 2 mid-Sept. In these pics he took his first lengthy road trip (9 hours) to the Univ. of Tenn in Knoxville to visit my daughter Kelsey(2nd from left in group shot). She took him to her office where everyone fell in love. He brings such joy to our lives and we thank you immensely.
Best Regards,
Jane Elam 8/25/14


Hello all!

Deacon is getting so big! He is such a gentleman, and we love him so much! Our hearts swelled with pride when he “found” his ability to swim this week! He has always loved the water, but he was afraid to go in beyond where he could touch. He loves retrieving his dummies now, and follows hand signals to find them!

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past couple of months. He loves cuddling on the couch with us. He is such a gentle boy. He loves his family, especially his big sister, Morgan. She is leaving for college on Friday, he is going to miss her so much.

Thanks again for this wonderful boy!

Christy 8/17/14


Hi Donna and Annastasia,

Tuula is doing great! She is getting big now 5 months and over 50 LBS. She is such a beautiful dog. She literally stops traffic! We have had people stop thier cars and holler out what a beautiful dog she is and others pull over to the side of the road and get out to say hello to her and ask where we got her. Here is a picture of Tuula chilling out in here favorite beach chair at 4 months old. Thank you for such a nice dog.

Patrick and Jen Healey 8/13/14


Hi Anastasia,

Here are some recent pictures of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta) for the facebook page. He spent the day at the beach…

He is doing great! People comment on his great disposition and stunning looks everyday!

Jon 8/5/14




As I’ve mentioned previously and when we picked Abby up, she is now one year old, both Alice and I volunteer at an all breed no kill rescue. We take in mainly abused, abandoned and neglected dogs. Saturday we took in a pure English Lab (Lilly) from an owner surrender because she attacked their other dog several times and bit the owner (supposedly). Alice and I decided instead of leaving her in the kennel we would bring her home and see what is up. First she cannot open her eyes fully and the leak a clear to cloudy solution, so we took her to our Holistic Vet on Monday. She determined that her eyelids have grown in and are scratching her eyes – this has been going on for over six months according to the owner. Alice and I are going to cover the cost of the operation which we eliminate the pain. Our Vet said in her opinion it’s questionable breeding practices. The dog is AKC registered so I tried to find the breeder on line – no website. Bad breeders hurt dogs (my opinion). Despite the pain she is a very sweet and gentle dog. In fact there has been no incident at all and I feed both dogs together side by side – I watch but nothing except Abby trying to steal Lilly’s food. Despite her training, Abby is still a puppy – and a Lab puppy, big time.

Now on to our (your) amazing Abby. Abby took to Lilly the minute she saw her, and has tried to take care of her, this dog is 18 months and Abby is just a year now. Abby licks her eyes, and comforts her. Abby goes to her crate and picks up her toys and brings them Lilly and lays them down in front of her and licks her lips. Then this morning they both ran downstairs to the basement, I called Abby and Lilly to come up, Abby came at once, Lilly stayed downstairs, I called again and although Abby had already come upstairs and sat by my side as I’ve taught her to do (I help rehabilitate the abused dogs we get in and have lots of training experience) Abby ran back downstairs, bumped her nose to Lilly’s nose and essentially brought Lilly upstairs. I’ve seen a lot in my years working with dogs as a volunteer, I’ve helped rehabilitate a number of abused dogs, many of which were used in fighting, but to date have not come across a dog with the intelligence, confidence and sense of self that Abby has. Our Vet absolutely loves her as does everyone who meets her, and she them. She has helped this rescue Lilly tremendously in only a day and a half. We leave on a two month RV trip next week sometime which we have planned for 30 years, so in all probability Lilly will go to another foster, but seeing Abby with her only reaffirms with us what you have said in many of your blogs, if you buy a dog, buy from a reputable breeder ONLY – thank you for being that breeder. I now call her the Amazing EML Abby.

Thank You

Bud Roberts


Abby and rescue