Dr. Greg Cook (Our vet for over 20 yrs., lab lover) Broadway Animal Hospital Phone: 607-734-1272

Here are some letters from some of our many pleased clients.  Sometimes it’s good for you to hear what OTHER people say about our dogs instead of us… (we are pleased to report we get letters like this almost DAILY!!)

Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!

Hi Anastasia, Donna and Jonathan,

Finley (Erica & Mackie) was three months old yesterday and part of our family for exactly one of those months. What a joy she is! From Day 1, she has charmed her way into our hearts: A quick study and so willing to please, playful and loving.

After a few whimpers in the car as we left the Endless Mountains, she settled right down and slept most of the way home, a four hour trip. She has slept through the night, with no accidents, since Day 1. (That’s a gift we’ll take!) And we’re coming along pretty well with the potty training. She’ll sit by the sliding door in her gated part of the kitchen, give a little whine or bark, and that’s our clue. (Of course, she has also been known to do that just when she’d like to get outside for awhile, with no need to go.)

She understands a sharp “no” and has learned that when we go out, she must first sit down by the door and wait for the leash to be fastened, and the same when we come back in. Puppy classes start this evening, so it will be fun to see what new things she’ll learn.

We are so happy that we found Endless Mountain Labradors. How grateful we are for our beautiful little pup and are confident that she will be yet another shining reflection of your careful breeding.

Finley – early January 2015.

Peggy and Ron Gregg 1/13/15

Finley- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All.

Today this handsome man turned one year old. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. He is such a wonderful dog. He loves the snow! He plows his head in it, rolls in it, and makes snow “doggies” in it. He just got back from a 5 day “vacation” to the cabin in Bedford County with dad. They had a great time taking hikes and playing in the snow. The pink pig rib flavored nylabone in the picture was his birthday present. He loves it! He has had a great year. He learned how to swim and to water fowl hunt. He is a great companion, and we can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with him. Mackie would be proud of the man that his son is becoming! Thank you EML for raising these beautiful labs.

Christy, Tim and family 1/11/15

PS Look at that beautiful face. It receives lots of kisses everyday!

Deacon (Loretta x mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Anastasia,

Hope you are well! We just wanted to write and let you know how great it has been since we picked up Bear (Sicily/Spencer male). Each morning after eating breakfast, he grabs a toy and sits in one of our laps while we have our morning coffee and watch the news. He has been such a joy and is such a relaxed dog. He loves his Flint River Ranch lamb millet (does jump spins while we get it ready in his bowl) and his favorite treats are vanilla greek yogurt, baby carrots and ice cubes. On Thanksgiving he laid around all day, surrounded by a wild household of 18 people. Everyone kept remarking that they have never seen a puppy act so calm. We’ve had so many people on the streets comment on his beautiful coat and rich chocolate color. Sometimes he gives us a look that we have coined “the Spencer look” since his face looks so much like his dad’s in that moment. We just love him so much and wanted to say hi and thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Happy Holidays!

Dan & Kate McKenna 01/08/15

Bear (sicily x spencer) sitting in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors Bear (sicily x spencer) standing in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors

Our 10 year old boy from Doc and his new buddy who we picked up Saturday. Both exhausted from playing together. Love at first sight for them both. Our new puppy was awesome on the way home. Slept all night too!! Love the puppy essential oil spray!  Jill Pankosky 12/7/14

Doc boy and Scotch son (Pankosky) 120714

Ladies, we are calling Oakley the Thanksgiving Miracle. We had a 4 hour ride home in blizzard like conditions and other than 10 minutes total or so of whining he either slept peacefully or enjoyed chewing on his toys. Happily plopped into the snow upon arriving home and peed. He did pee as soon as we brought him in too but that’s probably because he was too cold outside in those conditions. Otherwise, we could have walked him more. After playing more at home, during which we introduced him to his crate using his toys – guess what he did? The pic tells it all! Thanks for a great experience! We’ll keep you updated. Warm regards, the Haldeman Family 11/26/14

Oakley (queenie x scotch)- Endless Mt. Labradors

This is our beautiful boy from Doc. Also our girl from Twila and Legacy. Both dogs raised in a house with older kids and adults. I have a great nephew and 2 great nieces. These dogs are amazing with them!!! They are very protective of them and love them so much. They are like little “nanny’s” Following them around (could be for the food they drop). We can’t wait to add our new boy from Scotch and Cello to our family!!!

Jill Pankosky 11/25/14

Doc son and baby- precious- Endless Mt. LabradorsTwila pup and baby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

I wanted to send you this photo of Angus, who we got from you some 9 + years ago, and Lola, who we got from you about 4 months ago. Stacey said that Angus was Lola’s great, great Uncle.

I’m 58, and have had dogs my entire life. We’ve had Labs during our family years, which is pushing 30 years. These two are, far and away, the finest dogs I’ve ever lived with. Lola, in particular, is an amazing dog. She is the finest dog I’ve ever had in the family. She has such a sweet, loving disposition. She is a lover! Lola is also incredibly intelligent. And, most importantly, she is so easy to train, that it’s a joy to behold. She wants to know what we expect of her, and can’t wait to comply! Our Vet, who is a grad of U. Penn., was beyond impressed with Lola’s lines and health.

Thank you for what I know has been many years of dedication to finding, and breeding the finest Labrador Retrievers on the planet. I’d never even think of getting a Lab from anyone by Endless Mountain Labradors.

Best wishes for a wonderful holidays to you, and your family.

Don Newman 11/22/14

Angus and Lola- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna:

Here is a recent picture of our baby boy. He is almost 2! Where does the time go? We love him to pieces! He is the best!

Hope all is well.

Kathy 11/5/14

Zackie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Zackie (Ruby x Mackie)

Hi Donna and Annastasia,
This was our little Laney in her Halloween costume. It is a little small on her , she grew from the day we bought which was only a week prior, must be that Flint River Ranch. Hope this makes you smile.
She us doing very good in puppy preschool. The trainer uses her to demonstrate to the class when she is showing new trained behaviors. Me and Chris are like proud parents. We can’t that you guys enough.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 11/5/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia and our Endless family,

Happy Fall! We hope you are enjoying the season in your beautiful “neck of the woods”. Here in Tidewater Va, Autumn is making her arrival in typical leisurely fashion. Libbie LOVES the new brisk air and swirling leaves. She is, through and through, a cold weather girl.

How fun to see her pictures in the recent blog! The big girl panties picture cracks me up. She took the whole ‘being in heat’
experience in stride. Gotta love the Endless Mt. Labrador temperament all the more at times like that!

I don’t know how to properly put into words how Libbie has changed our lives. We are completely spellbound by her beauty, kindness, loving grace, and warmth, every single day. Not one day goes by that we are touched deeply by how blessed we are to have her with us. She is truly our angel dog.

As has been her nature from day one, she continues to spread exuberant joy to everyone she meets, old, young, dog, human, friends and strangers alike. She livens up every class she takes, bringing laughter to each teacher and dog owner, adding levity and fun to the group.
They ALL love Libbie. She enters wagging, smiling, turning inside out to say hello and give her kisses. She “bows”, then lays on the floor when greeting all children and babies… And when she met a dog with paralyzed back legs. Libbie instinctively knows when to be extra gentle.
She is a true ambassador of love and grace.

We are continuing our weekly classes because she enjoys them so. She is in a continuous Graduate Novice class. She is doing her mama proud with her 4 minute down stays and 2 minute sit stays, beautiful heeling, recalls, and figure 8’s. And she’s getting the hang of the (not too high!) jumps too! Last week her friend Nixie’s owner called her “the flying Labrador”. She also still has a LOT of puppy in her. She’d like nothing more than to take off with a squeaky toy and engage the class to corral her. Butt in the air, toy in her mouth, chin on the floor..gesturing..”Come on..I dare ya!”

How do we thank you for the gift of Libbie? My heart melts searching for a way!

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since we brought her home. What a blessing of a year it has been! In a year of two, our dream is to bring another Endless Mt. Labbie into our lives. Maybe a baby brother for Libbie to nurture and love.

I’ll include some recent pictures of our dear girl..our angel.. our blessing.

We hope you both, and your families are happy and well!
Sending wags, kisses, hugs and love,

Libbie, Mary Bradford and Clint 11/3/14

Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of the boys. Keb (Scotch and Misty Mae) and Seeger (Tara & Mackie) are getting along marvelously! Keb is now 8 months old and Seeger is 4 months old. We are so happy to have 2 EML labs! They are both wonderful. Seeger is the most well behaved puppy we have ever had. He is such a good puppy that he goes to work with us everyday and hangs out in the office. I am so happy that he is so good and chocolate! It really is blowing the minds of those that think chocolates are crazy labs!!! And wow is he beautiful!

Seeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsSeeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

We had an exciting day. Raven got her first limit of pheasants (3 roosters). Thought it was time to send a photo and give you and update. She is a remarkable dog in so many ways. She is a perfect companion, house dog and all around good buddy. We have to remind ourselves she is only 10 months old, she is doing so well. She is very obedient, loves attention, takes hand signals, looks to you for attention in the field, has a great nose, has perfect range, and the only time she isn’t carrying something in her mouth is when she is sleeping. She is a pure joy to be around and has blended in with our two other dogs really nicely. Thanks again, couldn’t be more pleased.

Jennifer and Todd Felton

P.S. – If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(Rio and Lana’s pup)

Raven- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Murphy (Vegas x Atlas) who is now 16 months old. Here he is, after playing in the mud on a beautiful fall day.

Murphy is such a wonderful dog – always happy and so loving. We have several friends who got lab puppies about the same time as we brought home Murphy. Murphy, by far, is the most handsome of any of the dogs and has the perfect personality to match. He is fun-loving and playful yet obedient when he needs to be. But at 83 lbs., he doesn’t really realize that he isn’t a lap dog!

Murphy and our 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog Maddie are the best of friends. Despite the size difference, Maddie is clearly the boss!

Thank you so much for Murphy. Not a day goes by that we are not so thankful that he is part of our family. We tell everyone about Endless Mountain. You have the best labs!!!!
Susan and Todd
Shaker Heights, Ohio    10/27/14

Murphy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All at EML,

We were on vacation this summer in OBX, NC and had some family shots taken. When the photographer got down on her knee for a different angle, she couldn’t have known that is the international Labrador signal for ‘come to me’. This is one of the most fun shots we got. The photographer used it on her blog and a reality company she works with has asked to use it too. Maybe I’m biased but she really is a beaut! Grace was so good on the beach; she didn’t bother others (much) and would swim as far out as we were.
She chased birds and dug holes. Sounds like a great vacation to me. This is a Lynette/Hero puppy from 2/2011.


Grace- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia,
Here is a recent photo of our beautiful Laney. Thank you so much for blesses us with the little girl. She has brought us such joy this last month. She is so sweet and so smart. She even walks great on a leash. She is starting puppy preschool next Saturday. And also is attending her first Halloween party. She is going to be a pumpkin, we hope she wins best costume.
She loves people and other dogs. She is so well behaved. Thank you again for raising such beautiful dogs. My husband and I are are just in love with her. I truly don’t know how after being in the company of her you don’t believe that there is a God.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 10/20/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is one more from out trip. I told Abby place, pointed to the rock, we work on that a lot, it’s at 8,800 feet at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She was not allowed on the trails here, so she greeted people as the entered the trail from her “place”.

Bud 10/2/14

Abby (sicily x manny)

Hi Donna and Anastasia,

In honor of National Black Dog day we wanted to write and tell you all about our first few days with Jet. We love him so very much and already can’t imagine our family without him. He has brought countless smiles, laughter and love to our home. Jet is the sweetest puppy ever. He loves being around people and has been the highlight of a couple of soccer games and practices. Everyone has been in awe over him. Jet had a wonderful visit with our vet this morning. He’s playing, eating and sleeping beautifully. Thank you so much for all that you do for Labradors and for providing our family with Endless love!

Heather, Jeff, Caroline and Parker Hayter 10/1/14

Jet (Loretta x Mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 3 Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 6

Hi Donna,
Just wanted to send you a recent picture of the most loved dog on our planet…… George. Thank you again for the work that you do at Endless Mountain. This dog amazes us every day.
Laura and Scott Hawthorne 9/27/14

George- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here she is! Lady Bling exactly 1 week after we brought her home.
Our lives have changed…and for the better. What a joy she is!!! And what a good puppy
for 9 weeks old, and yes, very smart and determined…no shrinking
violet here!!

Kudos to Endless Mountain Labradors…

Best to all – Linda 9/27/14

Bling- Endless Mt. Labradors Bling (sicily x spencer) 2 Bling (sicily x spencer) 3 Bling (sicily x spencer) 4 Bling (sicily x spencer) 5 Bling (sicily x spencer) 6

Hi Annastasia,

We have some great new pics of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta). He is now 8 months old and weighs 60lbs. He gets comments of how beautiful he is everywhere we go, which is quite flattering :)

The beaches of New England are now open to dogs since the summer is over, so he has taken his turf back.

John 9/25/14

Barnaby- Endless Mt. LabradorsBarnaby- Endless Mt. Labradors


I am just writing to let you know that Deacon is about 9 months old now and doing great. He listens very well and has not destroyed one thing in our home. He is a perfect gentleman.

This past Saturday was the first day for youth duck hunting, ( I am not a hunter, but my husband and daughters are avid hunters). Anyway. Alli, her dad and Deacon went on their first duck hunt together and they both did great!! Deacon was the perfect Retriever! I have included a picture for you.

We love Deacon so much and are so glad that he is a part of our family!! He loves to lay on the couch with us in the evening and “watch” TV. He loves his Chocolate flavored Nyla Bones and his blankie. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow.

Christy 9/22/14

Deacon- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is a picture of Abby taking the drivers seat in our motor home when I get up to put fuel in it. She is now 13 months old and doing great. She is with us and in her fifth week on the road. This week at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab UT. Abby goes everyplace with us, at National Parks dogs cannot go on trails, so Alice and I take turns with the other staying back with Abby where she greats everyone entering the trails and is a total hit even rangers. While traveling she sleeps between our seats, but when we stop at a campground for the night its full Lab puppy ready to go.
Bud Roberts 9/22/14

Abby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here are a few pictures from our first days at home. Rosie loves to surround herself with toys! She brings them out of her basket, piles them up on the floor and then collapses right in the middle of all of them! She also fell asleep last night watching football with her dad – picture below. She slept like that for an hour :) Safe to say she is a happy little pup!

Lauren South 9/22/14

Rosie- Endless Mt. LabradorsRosie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi All,
Just wanted to give you a George (Devon/Daizy) update. He is growing like crazy at 45 lbs. and just graduated from puppy class level one(he did real well). He starts level 2 mid-Sept. In these pics he took his first lengthy road trip (9 hours) to the Univ. of Tenn in Knoxville to visit my daughter Kelsey(2nd from left in group shot). She took him to her office where everyone fell in love. He brings such joy to our lives and we thank you immensely.
Best Regards,
Jane Elam 8/25/14


Hello all!

Deacon is getting so big! He is such a gentleman, and we love him so much! Our hearts swelled with pride when he “found” his ability to swim this week! He has always loved the water, but he was afraid to go in beyond where he could touch. He loves retrieving his dummies now, and follows hand signals to find them!

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past couple of months. He loves cuddling on the couch with us. He is such a gentle boy. He loves his family, especially his big sister, Morgan. She is leaving for college on Friday, he is going to miss her so much.

Thanks again for this wonderful boy!

Christy 8/17/14


Hi Donna and Annastasia,

Tuula is doing great! She is getting big now 5 months and over 50 LBS. She is such a beautiful dog. She literally stops traffic! We have had people stop thier cars and holler out what a beautiful dog she is and others pull over to the side of the road and get out to say hello to her and ask where we got her. Here is a picture of Tuula chilling out in here favorite beach chair at 4 months old. Thank you for such a nice dog.

Patrick and Jen Healey 8/13/14


Hi Anastasia,

Here are some recent pictures of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta) for the facebook page. He spent the day at the beach…

He is doing great! People comment on his great disposition and stunning looks everyday!

Jon 8/5/14




As I’ve mentioned previously and when we picked Abby up, she is now one year old, both Alice and I volunteer at an all breed no kill rescue. We take in mainly abused, abandoned and neglected dogs. Saturday we took in a pure English Lab (Lilly) from an owner surrender because she attacked their other dog several times and bit the owner (supposedly). Alice and I decided instead of leaving her in the kennel we would bring her home and see what is up. First she cannot open her eyes fully and the leak a clear to cloudy solution, so we took her to our Holistic Vet on Monday. She determined that her eyelids have grown in and are scratching her eyes – this has been going on for over six months according to the owner. Alice and I are going to cover the cost of the operation which we eliminate the pain. Our Vet said in her opinion it’s questionable breeding practices. The dog is AKC registered so I tried to find the breeder on line – no website. Bad breeders hurt dogs (my opinion). Despite the pain she is a very sweet and gentle dog. In fact there has been no incident at all and I feed both dogs together side by side – I watch but nothing except Abby trying to steal Lilly’s food. Despite her training, Abby is still a puppy – and a Lab puppy, big time.

Now on to our (your) amazing Abby. Abby took to Lilly the minute she saw her, and has tried to take care of her, this dog is 18 months and Abby is just a year now. Abby licks her eyes, and comforts her. Abby goes to her crate and picks up her toys and brings them Lilly and lays them down in front of her and licks her lips. Then this morning they both ran downstairs to the basement, I called Abby and Lilly to come up, Abby came at once, Lilly stayed downstairs, I called again and although Abby had already come upstairs and sat by my side as I’ve taught her to do (I help rehabilitate the abused dogs we get in and have lots of training experience) Abby ran back downstairs, bumped her nose to Lilly’s nose and essentially brought Lilly upstairs. I’ve seen a lot in my years working with dogs as a volunteer, I’ve helped rehabilitate a number of abused dogs, many of which were used in fighting, but to date have not come across a dog with the intelligence, confidence and sense of self that Abby has. Our Vet absolutely loves her as does everyone who meets her, and she them. She has helped this rescue Lilly tremendously in only a day and a half. We leave on a two month RV trip next week sometime which we have planned for 30 years, so in all probability Lilly will go to another foster, but seeing Abby with her only reaffirms with us what you have said in many of your blogs, if you buy a dog, buy from a reputable breeder ONLY – thank you for being that breeder. I now call her the Amazing EML Abby.

Thank You

Bud Roberts


Abby and rescue

Dear Donna and Anastasia,

Libbie’s birthday ,Friday, was a special day here! Every day we have her is a gift to our lives and everyone she meets (human and doggie) is a gift to her heart! She is the most loving, joyful animal we’ve ever known. She sends her love to you both, and to all of her family at Endless, with a special message of love to her momma Paige, for bringing her into the world. Thank you Paige, for being such a tender, loving mother! Like mother, like daughter! <3

Here are some silly birthday photos that Libbie’s dear friend Dina took in celebration of our girl’s big day. :) We hope they bring a smile to your heart.


Libbie, Mary Bradford and Clint



“Hi Donna and Annastasia,
I hope you are both well in the endless mountain? I am great! I went for my 4mos checkup and I am super healthy and a sturdy 41 pounds. My Doctor LOVES me. She takes me all around to see and visit with everybody. Then she gives me treats and says come back soon! My days are filled with early morning walks, breakfast, a little nap, my kids wake up (I love them, but they are so noisy) they take me out and play and then my sister (Sophia) she gets me water and pets me. The boys (Patrick and Jonnie) they start to wrestle around with each other, so I just lay there and wait for Sophie to be done. Then I take a nap. I mean serious business nap. Usually after lunch my pap shows up, we go for another walk and greet neighbors. He then sits outside with me. Talks and talks about nothing but I listen. Not long after Mom and Dad get home. I get so excited cause it means it dinnertime and playtime. We all eat as a family. Mom praises me for being a gentleman and yells at Jonnie for being a pig…ha, a pig! Then we go out altogether and explore the neighborhood. I see all my friends (Finley, Galileo, Willow, Waffles and Sid and Wendy) IT’S AWESOME. When we get back Mom dishes out treats, ya know ice cubes for me, popsicles for my kids. Its cool! Then we play ball, fetch, etc. The kids let me play soccer yesterday but I made them cry. I popped the ball. I felt bad but I got so excited! Mom said its ok, we have another. She winked at me. I think, I am pretty sure I am her favorite. I mean certainly it’s a close tie, but I am just saying this broad digs me.
Ok, its mid-morning naptime. I miss you, hug Daizy and Devon for me. Tell them I am super.
Paws and Kisses,

Norman” 7/30/14

Norman- Endless Mt. Labradors


Just a word on how Lucy is doing on her 1st birthday. She is everything we thought she would be when we  brought her home. Today I took her for her yearly check up. Upon entering the vets, a man coming out stopped me and asked where we got her as she was beautiful and he had a older lab that he wanted to get a puppy. Naturally,  I was happy to tell him about Endless Mountain. So, if you are contacted from Greenville, SC in the near future, you can thank Jane and Manny’s offspring

Linda/Norman Seidel


(South Carolina)

Bodie (Cuddles and Henley) has exceeded our wildest expectations in his role as camp mascot. He is unbelievable with the kids!! (below) 7/3/14

Bodie- Endless Mt. Labradors  Bodie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Top of the morn’ Endless Mt. Family. Just a quick note on our wonderful girl, Josie (Daizy/Devon). As you know we where in search of a potential therapy dog puppy. Well, we found her! Josie’s socialization times have been going great! She accompanied me as I taught Dog Safety to 33 children at Safety City with the local sheriff department. Josie and I also volunteer at the local military center once a week…she is a hit. She brings much comfort to those vets who suffer from PTSD. Obedience training is coming along great! She walks beautifully on a leash, knows Come, Sit, Leave it, Off and Park (command for elimination). We are so proud of her! THANK YOU for a job well done! Will keep you posted!

Georgianna, Len and Josie Girl 7/2/14

Josie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi!! First of all I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for Penny. She is the absolute best dog and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have her. I can’t remember life without her anymore! It’s funny I actually live in Philadelphia a few blocks from a great dog park and someone with a yellow lab there stopped me once and asked what breeder I used because he couldn’t help but notice Penny among 20 other dogs in the park! Turns out his lab was also from Endless Mountains! I also found out from a friend I met at the park that their neighbor apparently was so in awe with her that they had my friend ask for your guys information for their new puppy because they love her so much. I can’t even tell you how many strangers come up to me (literally people have parked cars, stopped bikes, etc.) to tell me how beautiful she is, how well behaved she is and how they’ve never seen a dog look so happy/friendly! It’s to the point where people run up to me yelling “Penny!” and they’ll tell me they know her from hearing about her from a neighbor or a friend of a friend. While it’s truly amazing, I’m not surprised at how popular she is! And she loves every minute of the attention, she’s a true people/dog person. She’s only six months now and the only things she ever chewed up as a small puppy were one pair of shoes (that I accidentally left out during the night) and a corner of the remote. It’s to the point now where I let her sleep out of the crate and try to leave her out of the crate once or twice a week for 30 minutes to an hour to get used to it, and she’s not ONCE had an accident or chewed anything but her toys! It’s unbelievable to me. Her training is also going SO well! She will stay in a sit position while I leave the room for almost a minute! She is by far the most amazing dog ever and I can’t imagine having found a better pup, so thank you! -Drew 6/18/14
Penny- Endless Mt. LabradorsPenny- Endless Mt. LabradorsPenny- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna! Here is our Margaux (Lana//Rio), she really knows how to swim but loves to float around the pool! She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Teri 6/16/14

Margaux in the pool- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia! Just thought you might enjoy this picture of Vinny (Vegas/Atlas) and Eleanor. You can always find them snuggling with one another. This is how I found them this morning after playing outside. He was asleep like that until he heard me with the camera. We are amazed how inseperable they are for only being together a few months. We can not THANK YOU enough!! Hope all is well! Corrin 6/13/14

Vinny and Eleanor- Endless Mt. Labradors

I send stuff to a lot of people about Abby, she is simply and amazing dog. We were at a charity Pup Walk in Pittsburgh on Sunday to sponsor the local Humane Society. He was warm so the sponsors – Panera Bread set up baby pools. Abby saw the bigger pool, jumped in and does her “trick”; she dives under, rolls over like a seal completely underwater and comes up smiling. This picture was taken by a professional photographer and posted on the Humane Societies webpage. The other picture is my wife Alice with Abby – Charlie Batch the Steelers retired All Pro Quarterback who acts as a spokesperson for the Humane Society and his rescue Pit Bull. I will refrain from sending you pictures moving forward, but this one is priceless. Bud 6/12/14

Abby- Endless MT. LabradorsAlice, Abby, and Charlie- Endless Mt. Labradors









A follow-up email that Bud sent after we asked permission to share Abby’s update! “By all means share where ever you want. Talked to several people at the event looking for a Lab breeder and had looked at your website but where just not sure, after meeting Abby they are now. Also during the event Abby met a young boy with autism, her first experience. Within a minute she sat as calm as we have seen her and the boy was hugging her and kissing her all over her face and mouth. His Mom was virtually in tears as this is as much emotion as he had shown in his 10 years of life. He was laughing and kissing and wanted to take “his Abby” home. Your breeding is why we paid what we did as I wanted Abby to be a therapy dog and have been working on her but never expected this from her at 10 months. As I’ve said before she amazes me daily. Today I took her to the rescue I volunteer at and she was able to calm a very large and human aggressive German Shepard in less than a minute allowing us to work with him as long as she was there. Thanks again for your work on this breed, its simply terrific. Bud Roberts” SO awesome…

Annastasia, It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 weeks, but Norman has adjusted to home as if he has lived here for years. He is the quintessential gentleman and loves LONG body rubs. He sits like a gentleman, eats like a gentleman and has brought our family so much joy it is immeasurable! He has become quite popular in the neighborhood and very social. This is how he greets me upon arrival from home. He is just our chocolate baby!! I will be back with more, but for today HAPPY FRIDAY!! Sue 6/13/14

Norman- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi all! Here’s Chip in his happy place…water!!! We will be returning to Alaska June 17. Amos just had another surgery removing a couple more large masses. He has renewed energy and still happily playing with Chip. When I get back to AK I’m going to visit the surgeon who told me Amos’ grade 3 mast cell would return in 6 months (21 months later…so grateful!). I think it’s a combination of Chip and the NuVet vitamins. Amos gets 2 a day. Hope all is well in “Lab Heaven” (that’s how I describe your home!). :) Karen 6/12/14

Chip- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello Donna & Annastasia, George(Daizy& Devon) made a seamless transition to our home & life. The 4 hour ride went without incident & he has slept through the night from day one. He has been an absolute joy. In this pic he is finally meeting his big sis Kelsey(away at college) for the first time. He greets everyone with enthusiasm & smiles. He knows & follows several commands. We think he is amazing & absolutely love him!! He had his 1st vet visit & they were so impressed with him as well as how well you prepared us. Thank you so much for all you do! Jane 6/8/14

George- Endless Mt. Labradors

Annastasia, Happy Monday! I wanted to email you and share with you Norman’s first weekend home. HE DID FABULOUS!! The kids were shocked and over the moon when we arrived home on Friday night. Norman blended in seamlessly and slept that night like a baby. He awoke once and whimpered a little bit but that has been it. He has been the neighborhood focal attention and garnered lots of looks! The picture I attached for you is him with his little blanket. He ever so sweetly carries this with him from place to place. We have nicknamed him Linus. So long as that blanket is with him he is content. He has been the most wonderful addition to our home and we are just all whacky about him. He has had no issues with food/vitamin/sleeping/potty…anything. Thank you for being you and a part of Endless Mountain. We couldn’t be happier. Neither here nor there, he is doing well. We are over the moon. AND THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Sue 6/5/14

Norman- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna, Here is our Harlan (Carly/Moon), 11 months old now. She is the most beautiful, well tempered dog. We love her so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing dog. She has brought so much joy into our lives. Terese Blair 5/15/14

Harlan- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia, I wanted to share a few pictures with you of the girl who has stolen our hearts. Lola is six months old now and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. Lola is a bundle of joy (in the most literal sense)! Even before I have had my morning coffee, she is able to put a smile on my face (no easy feat!) when I am greeted with a “full body wag” and plenty of puppy kisses. She is a loyal companion who loves to be near “her people” (she is laying at my feet as I type). And, Lola is so smart! She learns quickly, wants to please and is already half way through her Advanced Basic Obedience class. This pup has it all: beauty, loyalty, intelligence and an incredibly sweet disposition. Thank you for everything you do to ensure the integrity of this wonderful breed. All the best, Noelle Cook 4/24/14
Lola- Endless Mt. LabradorsLola- Endless Mt. LabradorsLola and her girl- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna: Thought you might like to see these. Finn is now 2 and a very handsome young man as you can clearly see! He is also an amazingly good boy! These pics were taken when we had house guests and the two little dogs are his”cousins” . He is so good and gentle with them when they play and a very good influence on the two little ruffians to boot. If you look closely at the picture of just Finn you will see pieces of Jubilee wafer on both paws and the middle of his forehead- he is responding to a “leave it” command and will not toss and catch the cookies until he gets the OK. The Jack Russel cross was a rescue with very serious gastrointestinal issues and a seriously picky eater. On a previous visit his owner, our niece, tried some of Finns FRR. He loved it! They made the switch -it has been about 9 months and the change is phenomenal. Finn is as beautiful and healthy as can be. He is “labradorable” – he is our sunshine – we love him to pieces. Every where we go we get questions and compliments on him-we are so proud of him in every way. Thank you for your passionate dedication to this wonderful breed. All the best to you, your family and everyone at Endless Mountain Labradors. Mair and Dave Cole and Finnian too! 3/21/14
Finn- Endless Mt. LabradorsFinn and pups- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia, I am giving you an update and sending you some pictures of Max (Lana&Rio), as he turns 4 months old. He is doing awesome! I have to tell you about his last vet appointment, I was stopped by a off duty police officer that had his K9 partner there getting X-rays. We talked for over 30 minutes in the parking lot and showing off my Endless Mountain Labrador. He was very impressed that a dog that young was so smart and showed the drive to learn more. The officer has been a K9 handler for the past ten years. From day one Max had stolen our hearts. I am so great full that we were able to get Max, he has filled a very big void in our hearts and family. One of the pictures I am sending is of Max and his best friend Morgyn (my daughter). I will be sending more pictures soon. Thank you again. Andy Herren 4/1/14 Max- Endless Mt. LabradorsMax- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia, Checking in with a message from Libbie! She sends her “Endless” love to all of you. I can’t tell you how often I look at her and literally melt inside…and am TOTALLY convinced she is just the most beautiful creature on this earth. She just gets more special to us, as she grows…and more beautiful too. I have only good news from Libbie. She is still the most joyful pup you could imagine. Her instructor of the obedience class (“Basic”) has also recommended her for therapy dog training. (As did her puppy kindergarten teacher). We are going to pursue the goal as long as she remains a good candidate. The instructor of her current class (“Novice”) at Canine Training Unlimited in Chesapeake, VA explained they will work with her specifically towards the therapy dog training. She loves class. Her favorite part is the friends…she’d much rather visit and kiss and play with the other doggies than listen to teacher. But she is a fast learner…and when reined in (picture a tomboy in a mud stained dress with pig tails and scraped knees fiddling with her pencil :))….she shines! So we’ll stick with it…good for her to have the activity and good for us to keep up with the obedience practice. Classes are a win win. :) This past weekend we enjoyed a quick down to the outer banks of NC. It was her first of what will be many trips there throughout her life. I will enclose a few you can see her. :) …and how she is now turning the corner from puppy to little girl! We must be the happiest dog owners in the world…because I can’t imagine having a dog more suited to us…or who could make us happier. What a continued blessing she is. We are, as always, extremely grateful! Love, Mary Bradford, Clint and Endless MT’s Elizabeth River Girl…our beloved, “Libbie” 3/31/14

Libbie- Endless Mt. LabradorsLibbie- Endless Mt. LabradorsLibbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello Annastasia/Donna: I wanted to send you an email to give you an update on Maya (CuddlesxHenley litter). From the moment we saw her, to the moment we left the house with her, we fell in love! BEST Valentines Day gift ever! Never in my wildest dreams would we think that a puppy at the age of 8 weeks would be so well behaved! She slept almost the whole 3 ½ hour ride home and only whimpered once to let us know she had to go potty. Today at almost 10 weeks, she is almost completely potty trained and she lets us know when she has to go outside by going to the door. At first I was worried that our German Shorthaired Pointer Rudy would not do well with her being that he is an older dog and very dominant. But the way they play and interact with each other, they are now best friends. I could not be happier! Maya continutes to try to makes friends with the cats, but no luck as of yet…lol. Now that we have two dogs (which I did not think my boyfriend would ever agree to), I cannot picture myself with ever having only one again! We continue to this day and every day, praise about how good of a puppy she is and how well behaved she is, from eating her Flint River Ranch dog food, to going out to the bathroom, to sleeping through the night. I originally told myself that another dog could never replace my black lab Zoey I had for 13 years, but by having Maya around, I could never picture myself without her. I am attaching some pictures of how well she is doing and how beautiful she is! Everybody that meets her tells me how stunning her coat is and how calm she is. Of course I can’t help but brag about your facility and I immediately refer them to your website. Once again, thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs! I look forward to meeting you once again for possibly a third addition to our family as a chocolate lab is in my sights. Sincerely, Jennifer Edmonson & Bob Shemonski  3/2/14

Maya- Endless Mt. LabradorsMaya- Endless Mt. LabradorsMaya- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna, Just a short note to let you know how much we are enjoying Iggy (Cello/Doc, 2 years old in Feb). He is a real delight and wonderful addition to our family. I think he really enjoys the Montana lifestyle with the Gallatin National forest as his backyard and the Boulder River across the road. Rarely do we go out that someone doesn’t comment on how handsome he is. All best, Bill 2/25/14

Iggy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna, Well, your Labradors certainly excel when it come to gentleness! Jameson was a wonderful babysitter yesterday for my 7th month old Grandbaby, Kenzie !! He keep her entertained for hours and together they taught each other the wonderful life lesson of sharing!!! Jameson was more than willing to take whatever Kenzie had to offer because she probably still had her lunch of mango and carrots all over her little fingers!!! Such good friends!! Enjoy!! Julie 2/7/14

chai x stealer pup- Endless Mt. LabradorsJameson- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna, Had to share a photo of Raven, Onyx’s sister, after rooting in the snow over at our cabin this afternoon. Her first day at home with us we learned she loves the snow. She has been an angel and have not had an accident yet. She is fitting right in. We’ll send you an updates. Thank you so much for placing her in our care. Todd and Jennifer Felton 2/1/14

Lana x Rio pup- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna, Here’s Chip at 15 months and 60 lbs. Amos weighed in at 90 so he makes Chip look petite. They’re enjoying FL swimming right now. Amos is doing fantastic due to Chip! I forgot to mention! Amos turned 11 yesterday! 2 malignant cancers and 3 surgeries later, I owe it to Chip and NuVet vitamins!!! Karen Casassa  1/19/2014

Chip and Amos

Abby has been with us for nine weeks now. She is one amazing pup. Just some of her accomplishments at 16 weeks or earlier. Crate trained, house broken, and on command sits, stays, heals, goes down, comes on recall. In addtion she is the star of her K9 Kindergarden in which she is the youngest by four months and with some very large dogs. During open time she plays with a one year old Malamute, Bernize Mountain Dog and several others and is the absolute best at every task the trainer puts before us. All that said, most importantly she is a perfect lady when we take her out. We visit stores severl times a week, pet stores, Home Depot, Lowes and we’ve taken her into the mall. During each visit she is polite, greats people and other animals with pure joy and respect. The trainer of the K9 Kindergarden who works for two different service dog groups asked if we were going to do “anything special” with Abby. I told him I wanted her to be a therapy dog and he immediately said great, “her disposition is perfect already”, “and she can almost pass the tests today” and that is at 17 weeks old. And through this she is still a puppy through and through – she plays with other dogs exceptionally well, she loves her toys and when I take them from her there is never I mean never any defensive move or look on her part nor when I take food from her. Her reaction is simply, ok, I’ll wait until you give it back. Abby replaced a seven year old Lab Rescue who passed when she was with us on vacation in Nova Scotia, a true love of ours. Abby is not the same by any means, but she fills both Alice and I with pure joy and has helped us immensly get over our loss. As she progresses we will keep you updated as you requested when we picked her up. Oh and by the way when she has been to the Vet for her periodic checks the whole staff off a very large clinic with seven Vets is in love with her. The Vet we see most has had Labs in the past and he is enthralled with her. We thank you for your efforts, your blogs and postings, the one on losing a pet was most helpful as we traveled home from Nova Scotia without our companion and love, Harley. If Abby is any indication as to the dogs you turn our, which I am sure she is, Endless Mountains is great. Respectfully Bud and Alice Roberts Pittsburgh, PA 12/12/13

Abby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Daisy (Quill x Manny) again….these Labradors are amazing!!! I will NEVER go anywhere else to get my best friends again. The day we brought this beauty home she was practically potty trained and she never barked at night just an amazing dog. I love her…thank you thank you thank you!!!! Kimberly Mock 12/9/13

Daisy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna/Anastasia, Just wanting to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Rocket and Jet are doing great and we can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to purchase such outstanding dogs. They are so wonderful around our children , very well tempered, and quick to learn new tricks. Rocket is now 41 lbs and Jet is 21 lbs (only 6 wks apart) and the doctor commented on how beautiful they were and especially their coats. They have been a blessing to our family as we did take a long time to decide to get dogs and so happy that we selected you as the breeder. Thanks again, Mark, April, Tyler, & Zachary Prideau

Rocket (paige x hero)- Endless Mt. LabradorsJet (Chai x Manny)- Endless Mt. LabradorsRocket and Jet- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna & Anastasia! Mercy is tuckered out in this pic…. She is an absolute delight and, without a doubt, smarter than your average bear! She’s already figured out to go to the patio door and nudge the bells when she needs to go outside!!!! She loves going places to meet all sorts of people …especially the Starbucks drive-thru… And she loves snow! Needless to say, we love her very, very much. Her name fits her well and, in some ways , she shows signs of being an old soul of sorts… Almost like she was sent for a reason (?). We’ll keep you posted….this dog is unusually special. Barb 11/30/13

chai x manny puppy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Annastasia,

Because you asked to let you know about puppy kindergarten I could not wait to tell you this. Libbie had her first class on Saturday. She loved it.. but she loves everything and everyone so we were not surprised. But what was a lovely surprise was this: after observing Libbie before the class got started and while she was getting toys out for the puppies to play with, the trainer asked me if I would consider training Libbie to become a therapy dog. I just looked at her as if to say “Really? You only just met her.” And I told her that I had read about the requirements and that sort of thing and that if it she was suitable and it worked out, that I’d definitely consider it, adding, “Can you tell so soon if a dog is a good fit for that type of training?” And without a second of hesitation she said “Yes. She has the perfect temperament for it. I can tell right away if a dog has the disposition.”. She went on to explain some of what is taught, such as “learning to go down to the floor when greeting a young child”. As if on cue, a little 2 yr old toddler entered the training room with his parents and approached Libbie. Libbie took one look at him, smiled, wagged her entire body, dipped her head gently and went straight to the floor. “Like that”, the trainer said. Just like that. :) The baby patted her tummy while Libbie just looked up at him – tail sweeping the floor nonstop..but she didn’t jump or jolt or throw her paws up or do anything remotely rough. Although I could tell she would have really enjoyed a romp! Needless to say I was SO happy to hear the trainer’s glowing remarks about Libbie on our first our first minutes of class. :) We are practicing our new lessons but mostly we are looking forward to going back to the fun of socializing. I’ll keep you posted. :) Have a great day! Love to Donna and all of the Endless Lab family, from Libbie and the Whites 11/25/13

Dear Annastasia and Donna, Just wanted to pass on a little hello from Libbie to you. She is doing beautifully. At her appointment last week she weighed 32 lbs. the vet said she was in excellent health and a good weight. Happily, she was extremely easy to crate train and house train. NEVER had an accident. As the photo below will show, she enjoys her crate time. I took this picture a few minutes ago…just hanging out in her downstairs crate. :) It is a joy to walk her around the neighborhood! She adores children and other dogs and wants to greet and spread her boundless puppy love to everyone she meets. She’s going to thoroughly delight being in puppy kindergarten class! She “sits” like a champ and “comes” most of the time..:) especially if she knows there is a treat involved. She’s also learned “down”. Thanks so much for all the toys that came with her crate package..they are a hit. Especially thanks for the Nylabones. They are her pacifiers. She HAS to have one handy all the time. Baby teeth are falling out now. And thanks for all the tips and advice on the web site and in the newsletter. We are looking forward to taking her to Clint’s parents for Thanksgiving – she is a joy to us all. I hope you and your families will have a blessed Thanksgiving..with love and warmth and comfort in abundance! We are very thankful for the blessing you have given us in our sweet Libbie girl and for the kindness you have shown us since the first day we contacted you last Spring! It truly feels divine and we are humbled. From our house to yours… with love and gratitude filling our hearts, Mary Bradford, Clint and Libbie 11/20/13

Libbie (paige x hero)- Endless Mt. LabradorsLibbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello Anastasia and Donna, I wanted to give you an update on Katie! She is doing great! She is a joy to our family and she adores her big sister Holly. She is potty trained already and is sitting, down, come, stay, give me paw, fetch and we are working on some new commands. All this at a little over four months old! She is so eager to please and so easy to train! Thank you, we are very grateful for our new addition to the family! Donna Mead and Family 11/2/13

Vegas x Atlas pup- Endless Mt. Labradors

Thank you for another great newsletter!   The article about getting a new dog after you lose one was something I struggled with 4 years ago when I lost my girl Zoe.  I am so thankful still to this day that I stumbled upon Endless Mountain Labs!  My girl Carley (Essence / Romeo 2009)  is the love our lives and we got her right after Zoe passed away!  It really helped to heal.  It was funny because when I brought Carley home I still felt a little guilty about getting her and that afternoon when I was vacuuming I moved a couch and found a bone of Zoe’s under the couch.  I just felt like that was a little sign from Zoe that we could welcome Carley into our home.   Thank you for helping us to heal! Tawni Connor 10/16/13

Carley (essence x romeo)- Endless MT. Labradors

Hi, I want to share pictures of Zoey (Quill and Manny, 12/10/12). She’s a wonderful dog. Sweet, smart, and very good. She’s so good that sometimes I forget she’s only 10 months old! We’re having so much fun with her. She loves to swim, ride in the truck, snooze on the couch, and pick apples (see the picture!) Thank you! Cassie Dembosky 10/9/13

Zoey (Quill x Manny)- Endless Mt. LabradorsZoey (Quill x Manny)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia,
It was a blessing to meet you..and to meet our precious angel, Libbie.
Things could not be going more smoothly! She was a trooper on the long drive home and settled in quickly. No accidents at all! (took us eleven hours to get home due to an accident delay on one of the interstates). What a good sport she was!
Crate training is going beautifully..she is snoring as I type this. :) Not even a whimper when she was put in her crate after her morning time with us. Just watched as I cleaned the kitchen..and dozed off.
Also, no stool issues at runniness due to stress. I kept waiting for that to happen, but it didn’t. She has not had one accident in either crate. Her routine is very predictable and we have stayed on the schedule recommended.
Everyone is biting at the bit to meet her but we are going to ease her into her new environment slowly. One guest at a time. :) I’ll make our well check this morning so we can set up the next vaccination appointment and take her stool sample in.
Thanks for everything..we so appreciate all you have done to help this transition go well for all of us..especially Libbie!
Many blessings,
Mary Bradford, Clint and Libbie 10/3/13
Libbie- Endless Mt. LabradorsLibbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Shadow is from Manny and Quill and Lava is from Velvet and Preston. They are truly the BEST dogs ever.  We talk about it as a family all the time. We can’t believe that other people think their EM labs are the best.  We are amazed EVERYDAY by their intelligence, unconditional love, unique personalities, loyalty ……. I could go on and on.  There is NO better!!!!! We love them to the moon and back. Michele Howarth 10/3/13

Shadow- Endless Mt. LabradorsLava- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi, Richard Stern here.  I just wanted to tell you my Bear is six months old now and I have never loved or been loved by a dog like this in my life time.  He is so sweet and loving besides being very smart.  My wife and I just want to thank you for adding 10x more love in our home because of Bear.  Thanks, Richard Stern.

Hi Donna, I have a very exciting update for you on my boy Grady (Ben x Blanche whelped 12/5/2006). Last Sunday, August 17, 2013 at the YCDTC obedience trial, Grady finished his Utility Dog Excellent title. We finished his Utility Dog title back in March 2012. We qualified for the first time at the LRCP in April of that same year. Just 16 months later we have all 10 qualifying scores. If your not up to date on the requirements for obedience, a team has to qualify in both Open and Utility at the same show to earn one leg, 10 are needed for the title. I remember the day we picked Grady up from you. You said he was a very laid back puppy and that he is. That is also why he is an exceptional therapy dog. But, he is also very forgiving of me in my training mistakes. Like most people who train in obedience we have to be willing to take steps backwards to fix something that just isn’t working out the way we would like. When that has happened he just excepts what I say and changes his actions to make me happy I suppose. He is very loyal to me in the ring and in everyday life. Grady is the first dog I’ve trained at this level and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. So I am very proud to add the letters UDX to the back of his name. He is truly a blessing to have in my life and he has taught me many things. So for now we will keep training to get the rest of the points needed to acquire the title of Obedience Master and I am also teaching him to track. He loves to use his nose! Endless Mts. Five Point Grady UDX GO VER RAE THD CGC Sincerely, Linda Gantert 08/23/13

Grady- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna Hope you and your family are doing well, I would like to thank you for the opportunity of the purchase of the puppy back in July, he is doing very well we have named him Hauss, he reminds me so much of my older dog Harley, Hauss is a very advanced dog of his age / retrieving, I have him working on blind retrieves already, and he takes hand signals very well for a dog of his age, I started him on obedience training yesterday, hope in two weeks it will be complete, next step is gun training, and I think he will be ready for his first duck season this year, will start getting some pictures together, and send them your way, Hauss is a very good looking lab. Talk to you soon. Kevin Unsel 08/15/13

We Board Labs in our home in Huntington, Long Island. I’ve just said goodbye to NORTON, a lovely 2 year old chocolate Lab owned by (Owner’s name omitted for privacy!). He boarded with us for 6 days and he was such a delight! As is my tradition, I post videos and photos of our guest dogs while they are “vacationing” with us and had a customer admire him and ask who his breeder was, so I’ve passed along your contact information to her. I have several customers with your dogs and I love them all. Good job breeding! –Dale 08/13/13 We Board Labs, Inc. Drop offs & pick ups, by appointment, between 9am and 4pm please

Donna and staff, Thank you very much for the privilege to own one of your puppies. We have been in love with the breed for many years, however Spencer is terrific. He is sleeping every night from 11PM to 6AM without a sound or an accident in his crate. We have not had an accident in the house,he likes to ride in the vehicles and Fit right in with his “dog” brothers. We took him to our Vet on Monday night for his well puppy visit and everyone spoke of the beauty and calmness he displayed. Thank you again for your ongoing contribution to great puppies. Jim and Sheron Row 07/24/13

Hello Donna I felt I had to let you know a little something after a visit to the vet with Layla the other week. We have moved recently and have found a new wonderful veterinary practice.Layla needed a routine visit for vaccines.The Dr entered the room and looked at Layla and took a couple of steps back,he looked from her to me and back again.He asked me where I had got her  from with some degree of awe in his voice.So,I told him,he said nothing but again looked from Layla to me and back to Layla again.He said “she is absolutely stunning,real show quality,what a beautiful girl!”He said this with so much genuine emotion. Made me feel really good,because I know of course she is stunning and beautiful,but to be told by a Vet and the way he said it made me feel so proud. I am so thankful to have found you as a breeder of real top quality English labradors. Thought you would like to know! regards Denise 07/16/13

Hi Donna I’m not sure if you remember me, but I got a black lab puppy from endless mountain in April of this year. I remember when I picked him up, you pointed out which puppy was mine. Out of an entire pen of excited black and brown puppies, there was one lone puppy sitting by himself, while all the others clamored for my attention. Of course the one that was mine was the one that showed absolutely no interest in me!! Of course I was a little nervous that he may not be the “perfect” dog, but I have had him for 2months now, and I can say that he is without a doubt the absolute best dog I ever have had. Everyone stops me and asks about him, he is such a great looking puppy. My vet loves him and the woman I had come in to help train him took all your information down since she says he was the smartest, nicest dog she has ever seen and wants to recommend you! I couldn’t be happier. “Doaks” comes to work with me every day and sits under my desk. He couldn’t be a better pal, and he gets along with everyone and behaves like a champ! Thank you all for such a great dog and putting so much effort into the breeding -Janet Mallon 7/1/13

Doaks- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am owner of Carol’s Canine Behavior Training.  I am writing to you because I have had the pleasure of working with three of your puppies within the past few years.  I want to say what beautiful dogs you breed and the temperaments are fantastic.  Each owner is very happy with their respective dog.  The dogs have been a joy to train, quick learners but also independent and  energetic. It is unusual for me to work with several of one breeders’ dogs, so understanding how important the first weeks of a dog’s life is for not just their physical health but their temperament and confidence you are doing an outstanding job.  I have watched the dogs go from 8 week old puppies through adolescence and now full fledged dogs and what a joy to have been a part of their lives. Thank you for your commitment to the breed. Regards, Carol Frim, Carol’s Canine Behavior Training  05/22/13

Hey Donna, CoChi just passed his first hunt test. So many complements on him and his style. He is steady, smart, alert and has more drive than most dogs. At this rate I will have his senior hunter on him very quickly. Than off to the masters next year !! Best Regards, Brien

Cochi's first hunt test- Endless Mt. Labradors

Donna, Hey!  I wanted to share with you about my Lia. (Doc & Brandy)  Lia turned 3 in Feb. and is absolutely the sweetest dog anyone could ask for.  She is adored by all who meet her & receives tons of compliments on her “good looks.” We’re volunteers for “paws for comfort” & often we don’t even make it out of the nursing home lobby because she is surrounded by older, gentler hands reaching to pet her & regale us with tales of their dogs in their younger days.   :) Lia & I have been training in Nose Works for about a year.  In March we went to Gettysburg to attend our first trial in Birch.  Not only did Lia achieve her NW1 title…it was a “pronounced” NW1 title & she was 2nd place overall in the trial.  Lia is fast & focused when working.  She used only 131 out of the allotted 690 seconds for the 4 elements. 18 seconds in the 3 Vehicle Search  (3rd place) 25 seconds in the Outdoor Search (2nd place) 42 seconds in the Indoor Search 46 seconds in the Container Search (her least favorite as I can tell she finds it boring…LOL) Lia brings me joy every day of my life & she is a perfect companion.  Brooke & I are trying to talk her dad into letting us get a puppy to add to our fam, but so far…no success.  However…I do have a neighbor whose dog is 15 & is not doing well.  Janell loves Lia & previously had a lab & seems very interested in getting a yellow lab upon Sophie’s passing.  I have referred her to your website & she’s promised that I can make the trip with her to your “Tara” & help her select her puppy when the time comes.  I can’t wait!!!! I hope your fam is well.  I enjoy the FB page. Love, Janet & Lia Lally 05/09/13 (I’m the “southern” gal from TN that lives in MD)


My husband and I are the proud “human parents” of Beau born March 02.2010 to Maggie and Sky. We always wanted a labrador and when we moved from the city to the suburbs , we began our search to find a reputable breeder  of English labs. We contacted several breeders, went to dog shows, but couldn’t find a breeder we connected with. We had stopped looking for a while ,disappointed that our search had been unsuccessful. Then one day at work, a co-worker came back from lunch gushing about a chocolate lab she saw on the street being walked but its owner. She said that there was something so special about the dog that she felt compelled to walk up to the gentleman walking him and asked where he had gotten this spectacular looking dog. The owner told her that his lab was 5 months old and he had done a lot of research before getting the dog and found a breeder that was wonderful with incredible dogs. He gave my friend the name of the breeder, Endless Mountain Labradors, and so we contacted Donna and Jonathan. We knew right away that this was a great fit. The day we arrived to pick our pup up, we met another couple coming to pick up a pup also. They told us that this was their second lab from Endless Mountain and “everything they say about their dogs is absolutely true.” Our Beau just turned 3 and all we were told about Endless Mountain Labradors is an understatement. He is bright, beautiful, and loving. He’s wonderful with our 2 cats and we can’t imagine life without him. We’re so happy with him that we’re even talking about possibly getting a second lab Adrienne and Denis Noonan Tarrytown, New York 03/18/13

Greetings ;) I simply want to say Thank You …  for a Lovely, Welcoming, Informative Website and FB Page!  The Difference that is Felt … is tremendous!  You make Your clients and future Client’s Feel Welcome and A part of your program.  I think I’ve smiled every time I’ve visited  your FB page and Your Website.  Not to mention it’s pretty easy to look at your Lovely Dogs! I made a list of  your *Boys* and *Girls* on your site that I liked … they filled my page.  I Love Preston and your Elise … the Stylish English Dark Chocolate and Dark eyes! ;)  One day I’ll have my Chocolate pup.   I Love your Doc!!  And **Romeo** :)   I’ve attached a back yard picture of our 11 months old  **Jillian** who was 10 months old in the attached picture… I’ve shown in Confirmation in the 70′s and 80′s as well as trained Obedience both in the mid-west.  The English Labrador is my *type* … but what I personally am trying to do is *blend the Beautiful English Head and stylish body ( not the short, stocky, box body ) otter tail … Type … With the Drive and Desire for the Field work of the American Labrador.  I was introduced 3 years ago to the Hunt Test and Field Trials and Fell in Love with the Sport. Truthfully and Personally for myself I’d like to raise all Purpose English Labradors that can possibly show in Confirmation ( If the dog Enjoys it ) and the Hunt Test ( again If the dog has the drive and desire. )   Thank you for allowing me to share and Again … You’ve done an Incredible Job Welcoming your current clients ( obviously ) and Potential clients to come. ;)  BRAVO!! Kindest Regards, Susan HomFeldt Botkin 03/18/13

Donna & Annastasia I thought you’d want to see this picture of Wally (aka Walter). He likes to crawl under the fence while he still can :) He only yelped twice on the ride home. Once when we were leaving the mountain, I believe as a farewell to his brother, and another time when he had to go pee (amazing) He slept right through the first night in his crate and last night he woke me once to go potty then slept through until morning. I wanted to let you know that although I’ve only had him for 2 days that he has been an absolute joy and a little trooper. I had a couple friends come over to see him yesterday and before long literally 10 of my neighbors came over, some with their dogs/puppies to see him. He was playful but nice and calm while some of the neighbor’s puppies, one lab too, were high-strung and hard to control (obviously NOT an Endless Mountain Lab). He received several compliments on how sweet, relaxed & handsome he was and I know the envy of the neighborhood. We just got back from Petsmart for a few essentials and everyone at the store wanted to hold him…what a stud :) Thanks and take care! Steve Grygiel 03/12/13

Rochet/Stealer pup- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Jon,

Shot this pigeon to use the wing for training,  but she retrieved the whole bird on the first toss. Can’t tell you how thrilled we are with Bell.

Tom and Pam Zaremba 03/08/13

Bell retrieving pidgeon- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna & Jonathan, We wanted to send you a picture of Maya (Lana & Hero pup) on her birthday:-) we can’t believe she is 1 today. We remember getting the puppy pictures of her and the excitement on the drive to pick her up. She has been our pride and joy. We get so many compliments on her. People can’t believe how low key she is and well behaved she is. We convinced our neighbor to get one and now Maya has a buddy across the street to play with. She is the best dog I have had and we had labs growing up. She is my little buddy. We can’t thank you enough for giving us such an amazing dog. We will never get a dog anywhere else. She was worth every penny and more. She is very healthy and about 60 pounds. She has not chewed up one thing in our house only her toys. she plays well with other dogs and kids. Our niece who is usually afraid of dogs loves playing with Maya. She names her stuffed puppies all Maya, and she is trying to convince her parents to name her brother or sister on the way Maya. People fight over who is going to watch her when we go away because she is so well behaved and listens so well. We worked really hard with her and trained her from the beginning. She rings a bell when she has to go out and when we take her to other people’s houses we take the bell and she rings it there as well.  She knows a few tricks too. Thank you again!!! We couldn’t be happier:-) Love, Tara, Danny & Maya 02/08/2013


We bought a yellow lab puppy from you guys last May (2011) from Manny and Essence’s litter. I have been meaning to email you and now I finally have a minute to do so to say that our lab is the BEST dog ever and her temperament couldn’t be better. Her name is Macie, and she is very gentle and sweet. We love her blocky head and beautiful coat, but most of all we enjoy being around her! Her personality is definitely different than the typical, hyper lab. She loves to lounge on the couch and follow us around everywhere. She can be lazy as well. When we were at the bay, she was exhausted from swimming so she just relaxed on a float :) I’m glad I did spend a great amount of time researching the breed and various breeders. She also gets along very well with children and other dogs. In the future, we will definitely purchase another lab from you and recommend you to anyone interested in English labs. Here is a picture from her hanging out on the couch this morning….and a couple others (she loves her bulldog brother) –Stephanie Haraway 10/8/12


From: Larry Marshall (California) 1/19/09 Date: 1/19/2009 1:11:39 PM To: Endless Mountain Labradors and The Sterling Group Subject: Me and my new son! (see below) Also, not a day goes by without someone asking me if Pilot is a Newfie.  You were right, English Labs are not at all a common breed over here.  Even people with labs ask me what type of dog he is.  Pilot is so sweet.  He just loves to follow me around.  Every time I stop walking, he lays down and puts his head on my feet.  He lust LOVES people and whines a little if he can’t visit.  There is another one year old mix in my neighborhood and they would play all day if we would let them.  You have done a wonderful job with his early socialization.  You and Pilot have exceeded all of my expectations.  Also, if you have a lab that will be about a year old when I come back in May, my daughter would like to have the opportunity to be his/her new mom. Larry Marshall (California)

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hi Donna, Just a quick note to wish you a happy new year and share a photo of our handsome devil, Buster Montgomery (Macy/Mackie), who is now 6 months old and 60 lbs…(see attached for 8 weeks and now). The recent photo was taken over the holidays on Martha’s Vineyard, where he was introduced to the forest for the first time. We’re talking about sending him to field training soon – his instincts are already so strong.   Buster has developed into a wonderfully thick English gentleman. His training was a breeze, his build and coat are just gorgeous, our furniture remains in tact, and he remains the friendliest dog on the Upper West Side of Manhattan…!  We just love him to bits (he is actually laying on my feet snoozing as I write this).   I can’t thank you enough for Buster. We looking forward to giving him a sibling, and will certainly be back in touch when we’re ready to do so. Very best, Kelly Ford New York, NY 1/13/09

John and I thought you might like an update on our “Samson”.  He is so wonderful.  I do not think we have ever had a puppy so well behaved and so intelligent as Sammy.  Here are a few pictures to show you how he is doing.  He helped me with my laundry just yesterday and jumped right into the dryer….yes he broke the door but we fixed it.  He loves to help put groceries away especially in the potato and onion drawer you will see this in one of the pictures.  He would prefer eating his food off the floor because he gets so excited for food that he spills it and sometimes just lays there and trys to eat it while laying down.  Loves water and is known to try to get into the dish when he has drank all of it up.  He is very talented in jumping and catching his ball. He jumps very high and catches it in his mouth.  He sits when told to.  He stays now pretty good and finally he is getting better at “off” while we are eating dinner.  Today and yesterday was a breakthrough.  He did try to get up on us at the table but one or two “off commmands” and he went and got one of his chew toys and layed down and chewed until we were finished. Finally is enjoying a walk more.  At first he did not like his walk and just layed down in the street but now is beginning to walk well. Great little guy.  Happy New Year to you and I hope you enjoy the attachments.  Mary, John and Samson Martin 1/11/09

Endless Mountain Labradors Endless Mountain Labradors

The Stanleys,   We came to your home on 1/2/09 to pick up our puppy from Cricket/Stealer litter.  We chose the largest male out of the litter.  We want you to know, we ADORE him.  He is a wonderful family member and he is doing great.  His behavior is unbelieveable to be only a puppy.  He immediately became comfortable with his new home and us.  We just wanted to let you know that we feel so thankful to have found you guys and to have the opportunity to bring one of your labs into our lives.  His name is now officially, Cash!  Thank you for your excellence to the breed and thank you for our precious, big guy!   P.S. Your daughter is a sweet heart! Sincerely, Matt, Caron and Isabella Miller (Beckley, West Virginia) 1/10/09

Hazel (Gwen/Preston) has brought so much joy to our home and Duke has really taken to her,surprisingly only after two days.I have all ready taught her to sit,and she now knows her name.I am very excited to train and socialize her…Some 5wks. later,she has had her first interaction with swimming(indoors,of course)and has started puppy school.I know she will be the ace of the class,because she all ready knows all her commands,and walks on leash perfectly.What a beautiful little girl,every where she goes,people stop and have to hold her.The day care she attends 3 days a week,has given her so much joy,and has socialized her tremendously.She is the Love of my life.Thank You for everything.I’ll send pictures soon………Shari Fadale 1/6/09

Hello Donna and Johnathan! Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU! for all of the information you provide in preparing the new owner(s) for the task of finding a reliable vet for their pup. We have ‘interviewed’ 3 different vet’s and have yet to choose the right one. The one yesterday, however, was by far the most infuriating. While knowledgeable about the industry, he was completely ignorant to the English Labrador breed. He informed us that at 14 pounds at 9 weeks, she is a little ‘thick’ for what he likes to see and would suggest she be ‘leaned down’ and that she shows the ‘characteristics’ of the English breed, however, there are MANY labs that could have a blockier head vs a long slender one that you usually see. I guess the statement that we traveled over 1800 round trip miles for her specifically was not enough to convince him of her line, nor was a picture of Mackie. My husband and I both looked at each other, extended our hands to him and proceeded out the door. So, THANK YOU for preparing us and for specifically calling out those two main offenses that those ignorant to the breed would say. The name of the office is Southside Animal Hospital. Here’s the website: The vet we met with was Brock Sauls. He also highly recommended having her spayed at 6 months old. We informed him that we would not agree to that being that she would still be developing and the possibility of issues it could cause in the future, as well as the health guarantee provided. He stated that having her spayed would cut the likelihood of getting mammary cancer by 50%, completely disregarding the other issues early spaying would cause…needless to say, we won’t be returning. Last, but certainly not least…the pictures! She is such a happy, intelligent, loving girl! And so so so funny!!! She does her best not to potty in the house and has only had a couple accidents that I claim as our fault for not paying attention to her whimpering as a signal that she needs to go. She eats well, had no bouts with the runs, and has slept through the night in her crate since day one :) She is the highlight of everybody’s day! We certainly cannot thank you all enough! –The Parhams 10/4/12

Sheba (velvet x mackie)

Donna: Rosie just turned 6 mos and she is doing fantastic. 60 yard retrieves on land and water. She will have her first upland bird hunt on Oct 15th then to northern ME to hunt grouse, wood ducks and geese. Her conformation is beautiful. She goes everyplace with me. Donna, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks (Clayton) 10/4/12

Hi Donna, This is Lisa Kellett . We have Emma ( Quill \ Manny, July 2012) she is about 16 weeks old. Emma is growing up fast. Every where we go people ask about where we got her. Also the dog trainer who came to our house was just amazed at how smart she was. He was so funny . He kept saying , “Really…. 12 week old puppies don’t behave this way and “get” the commands so quickly” . He said I have trained 3 year old dogs ,with a week of training, and they still don’t react this way to a command . He was only at our house once for 3 hours. He said she was ” extraordinary”. Gotta love a Endless Mt Lab ! Thank You, Lisa Kellett 09/10/12

Hi Donna, Hope all is well with you. I want to share something with you. We are in Cape Cod with Millie and she is loving every minute! The first time we took her to the beach she dove into the water and started swimming. She is having a great time, as we are with her. I took her to the vet here today for her flu booster. She told me that she has never been so impressed by a puppy before, not only because she’s so beautiful but also because she’s so well behaved. She said that people ask her all the time where to get a lab puppy and that she doesn’t recommend anyone because she doesn’t know anyone who has pups like Millie. She asked for your info, so I gave it to her and told her to look at your website. I thought you’d like to know. Thanks again for this wonderful puppy! Esme 09/7/12

Hi Donna, Just a note to tell you “Jameson” arrived yesterday afternoon with Bob and he was a perfect boy the entire 6 hour flight!!!  Bob put him under his seat and the pup simply slept the entire flight home.  An hour before they landed Bob gave Jameson some ice chips and then he went right back to sleep.  Bob chose not to give him the calming pills and per your instruction, did NOT feed him yesterday morning before going to the airport.  HE WAS PERFECT!! He is gorgeous, he is beautiful and he is very happy in his new home…..  he played all day and then collapsed….. We love him and thank you so much  :o)  He is truly a blessing…. We’ll keep in touch. Julie & Bob (California)  06/11/12

Hi Donna, Thought you might like to hear this!  Molly and Megan had to visit the vet today for their follow-up.  Our usual doctor was on vacation when they went for their first visit so today is the first he has seen them.  He fell in love with them!  He commented over and over about their build, how stout they are, how big their paws are, etc.  He asked where we found such amazingly beautiful dogs.  He sees many labs in his work week, but kept commenting on how these two are something special.  All he wanted to do was take them home!  He wants a lab one day and I have a feeling he will be headed your way. Take care, Shelly DeHaven 5/13/12

Donna: We placed 2nd in Utility (red ribbon) with score of 1871/2 and 1st in Open (blue ribbon) with a score of 192. The big ribbon and duck trophy was for High Combined in Utility and Open with a total score of 379 1/2. Not to bad for our first attempt. I sure hope the rest of the title goes that smoothly. lol (For those who don’t know, she won this trophy at Potomac, the largest dog Specialty in the world!!) Linda Gantert 04/28/12 labs grady

Hi!  We just wanted to send you a quick update of our first week with our puppy (“Dover”).  She’s doing very well.  She’s bonded well with Kim and I, and already is a part of our family.  Crate training is going perfectly, I think.  We followed your instructions to the letter, and the first night we had just a few minutes of crying, before she settled in.  The past 3 nights she’s made it thru from 11 to 6am without a 3am trip outside!  By the way your “crate  package” is fantastic.  The variety of toys (which we rotate in and out) keeps her thoroughly stimulated, and between indoor and outdoor play, she pretty worn out by bedtime.  She’s eating well. We took her to our vet last Tuesday.  He was very complementary to you guys regarding the condition of the pup and the records you provided.  Dover weighed in at 14lbs 11oz, and we have a followup appointment scheduled for a month from now. The vet is knowledgeable regarding English Labs, so we won’t have that issue to deal with! She’s a great puppy, and we think she’s thriving here.  We may be in touch next year to see about a playmate for her.  You produce amazing dogs and we’ll definitely want another from you if we decide to expand our ‘pack’. Have a great weekend! Bob and Kim Simmons  04/15/12

Hi Donna, Here’s  an update on Endless Mt. Five Point Grady.  He is a Blanche/Ben pup whelped 12/05/2006. We  earned our Utility Dog title!!!  Our first leg was in December at the Catoctin Kennel Club and our 2nd and 3rd legs were at the Celtic Classic in York, Pa. just this passed week (3/15 and 3/17) .  It only took 4 shows to earn this title.  He is an amazing dog.  I was told his tail wagged the whole time.  I was to busy being nervous that I don’t always recognize that when we are in the ring.  We also have 2 legs in Versatility, we only need on more for another title. His name now reads Endless Mt. Five Point Grady UD GO RAE CGC. He is the first dog that I have trained at this level.  He is so easy going and easy to forgive my training mistakes .  Sometimes I have had to go back and retrain “the right way” and he just accepts the new way of doing things and we move on.  Of course, we will keep training and go on to try for the UDX and I’d also like to try tracking with him. Thanks for listening to my brag.  I still look at your web site and one day I’d like to add another pup to our family. Thanks for breeding such awesome dogs .  Grady is a great example of that. Linda Gantert and Grady 03/19/2012

labs Grady Blanch x Ben

Hi Donna, I wanted to give you a quick update on our puppy. She is absolutely delightful and a real credit to you – sound in both mind and body and a beautifully put together puppy. On the way home she either sat on Denise’s lap or on the floor by her feet. She was perfectly behaved and not at all fussed with the change in environment. We stopped twice for bathroom breaks and she more or less went on command. We arrived home at 1am and you would have thought she had lived here all her life. She just marched in and started to investigate the place. My daughter and her husband were up from Savannah and my son and his girlfirend were here and the puppy greeted all of them, barked at one of our cats and then ate dinner. We put her in the crate in our room when we went to bed and she howled mournfully for about 10 minutes and then gave it up and went to sleep. Last night she was better acting up for just a few minutes and then sleeping through the night. She hasn’t missed a meal although she is a grazer rather than pigging it down. All her droppings have been good (and outside:)). I am thinking about feeding my other dogs on the Flint River Ranch dry food (I have given them some as treats and they like it a lot)… After much debate we have decided to call her Sophie. We will send some puppy pics when we get our act together but it might be a little while as Denise is having minor surgery tomorrow and will be out of commission for the rest of the week. Thanks again for such a well reared and balanced puppy. Cheers, Allan Robins ( World-wide Dog Show Judge) 02/27/12

Hi Donna, It’s been a while since I updated you on this handsome fellow.  His litter is  Endless Mt.’s Carte Blanche x Belquest All Bout The Benjamins 12/05/2006.  The pictures were taken this past Friday (10/21/2011) at the Mid-New Jersey Labrador Retriever Specialty.  We finished our Rally Advanced Excellent title with a First in Excellent and a Second in Advanced.  We also finished our Graduate Open title this summer as well.  That was a great class to work on our way to the Utiltiy ring.  He also piece hiked the Appalachian Trail in PA and MD with my family pver the last few years. I can’t say enough about how wonderful he is .  He is a well rounded labrador  in the home,  in the ring  and working as a therapy dog in the school I work at and the local hospital. He is smart and always willing to please.  I have to say, I am very lucky to have him as my first obedience dog.  No matter the mistakes  I make in training and trying to figure out how to train him he always adjusts to me.   He will be five years old soon.  I can’t believe how fast those years have gone by.  We will be continuing on in the obedience ring.  We are going to start  showing in Utility at the end of November and I am also going to start showing in Versatility his winter .I hope you enjoy the pictures.   I still enjoying looking at your site. Sincerely, Linda Gantert

Hi Donna, It’s been almost two months since we picked up Kara (Carly and Mackie Litter). She is the best puppy we have ever had. We have had dogs for many years and been through the puppy stage many times, but nothing like Kara. She is simply the best! The ride home was no problem (four hours), housebreaking was a snap. She is so nice and well behaved that I keep thinking something will go wrong any day! She was at the vet this week for her checkup and shots and now weighs 28 pounds. Every one that sees her, comments on the way her beautiful black coat shines.  I can’t impress upon you what a great dog she is. So well mannered and so calm, just like you said on the website. Thank you so much for a great pup. Bruce Ertwine Aston, PA 09/22/11

Hi Donna – I just wanted you to know how amazing our new puppy, Maxx is doing. He mostly slept on the way home, we stopped for 1 potty break half way home and he promptly went back to sleep!  He did amazing! He, (we named him Maxx, is beyond a smart and amazing puppy),  Maxx has learned to sit, lay down and give us “5″ which i think is amazing for a baby so young.  He had a vet check up on Wednesday and received a clean bill of health.  His weight was up to 18.2 pounds!  The vet was extremely pleased and said he  was perfect and he would be proud if Maxx was his pupppy.  I brought his first health records and he was amazed at the genetic testing and the amont of time you have spent perfecting your line.  Dr. Mease said a breeder that goes  to the extent you do to better the breed and produce produce such beautiful and healthy puppies is amazing.  He said he wished all breeders were as conscientious as you are. Our other dog, Emma, has decided he is her baby  and they really love each other! I could never begin to thank you enough for all you do and especially for entrusting us with one of your beautiful babies. When Ozzy died in June I never in a million years would have believed my heart could be so full of love again.  Ozzy will forever remain in my heart and thoughts but Maxx has helped me smile when I remember. Thank you Donna  and may God  bless you.  You will forever be a special angel in my book? Yours Truly, Tammy L. Huffman 708 Broad Street Oxford, PA  19363 09/24/11

Hey Donna, we’ve been meaning to email you for some time, but time kept running by.  Just wanted to again thank you for bringing George to our family .  This dog is nothing short of perfect.  On your website you state that you breed for temperment, but nothing could have prepared us for just how good this dog would be.   He’s fantastic with both children, listens to what he’s told, is eager to please, is smart as a whip, and is just so good natured it’s hard to find the words to describe it.   On top of all of that, he’s just a beautiful dog. We could not be more pleased with George.   He is truly a member of our family.   You guys are the best breeders ever. Thanks again, Scott Hawthorne and family 09/20/11

Dear Donna and Jonathan, This is long overdue but I just wanted to say Thank you.  I picked up two puppies a little over a year ago (2 weeks apart) and they have been wonderful.  Kobe and Karma have brought so much joy and laughter to our home! Everyone thought I was nuts for getting 2 puppies at once and it was a ton of work but so worth it.  Just like kids they have totally different personalities, Kobe always wants to play and thinks our pool was built just for him while Karma is happy to follow me around and swim only when she gets a little warm!  My son loves playing frisbee with Kobe and now my daughter has a partner in Karma to snuggle while she reads or take a walk with.  Our little dog Roxy doesn’t appreciate that Karma likes to pick up her leash and walk her around since the little dog was here first but Karma does have about a 60 pound size advantage so Roxy really doesn’t have a choice and it is one of the funniest things we have all ever seen so we don’t stop her! Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the dogs are healthy and happy.  We feel so blessed that you shared your puppies with our family! We all love them so very much. Take Care, Natalie Moretti 07/29/11

Hi Donna, I noticed that Eleanor and Stealer have had another litter. Please tell potential new homes how much we have enjoyed Oggie and that he is everything that you advertise your pups to be. I am not sure if you remember him but he was the one with a little white on his chest. He is a dead ringer for Stealer, loves to retrieve, lovable and knows when to “settle”. I have taken him for obedience and he really made me look good! Clearly he is the best lab we have ever had and we truly got what we paid for. Don and I will be return customers when I senior dog leaves the earth. Frances Wright 07/12/11

Hi Donna, I hope you are well and, hopefully having a decent beginning to your spring.  We continually seem to have a nice streak of weather followed by floods or snow. Here are some pictures of Tubby’s last field trial(chukars) in Glen Rock, PA on 3/19.  It was an open trial for both flushers and pointers.  Out of 22 teams, Tubby and I placed 5th. It was a good day and we had a great time.  Our finishing time was 10 mins, 30sec/15mins and I used 7 shots for five birds.  She did her job wonderfully, but I missed 2x on the first shot, so, it was my fault we didn’t place………. Our duck hunts this fall were in flooded timber.  Lots of wood ducks and lots of early season retrieving.   I am hopeful to get a good videographer in the near future to get our trials on video.  It is a blast to watch Tubby work in the fields. I hope you like the pictures.  What a great dog! Regards, Chris Buchinski Mt. Wolf, PA. 03/23/11

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hi Donna and Jonathan, I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how pleased I am with the puppy that I picked up from you guys a month ago today. I did a fair amount of research before deciding on a breeder so I knew that you guys were very high quality breeders. However, I didn’t quite expect my puppy, Samson (Quill x Manny), to be such a well-rounded and fun-loving puppy. Raising Samson has been a breeze. I do not have to worry about other problems that other puppy owners have to worry about like constant barking, dominance problems and hyperactivity. In my opinion, Samson has the perfect disposition for myself and my girlfriend. Thank you so much for providing me with my new best friend! I am eternally grateful. P.S. My girlfriend already wants a yellow female, so you’ll be seeing us again soon. Also, I’ve attached some pictures so you guys can see how Samson is growing. He’s just over 3 months old and he already weighs 30 pounds! Best, Caleb 07/12/11 Caleb Tyler Blackstock Department of Psychology University of Georgia

Donna, I am pleased to report that Grace earned her Companion Dog title so she now has some new letters in her registered name.  She earned her CD title.  Endless Mtn. Goodness Gracious CD RN MX MXJ OF.  She’s earned 2 legs toward her Rally Advanced title.  We continue to work toward earning her MACH.  She keeps getting better and better! Grace is from the Millie/Grant 6/6/06 litter. I’ve attached a photo with Grace and the ribbons she earned in Obedience (2-2nd places) and Rally (2nd and 3rd). I am thinking about going to the Labrador Nationals in CT in October to do agility and obedience.  Are you planning to attend? Take care, Jennifer Seidel 03/31/11

labs 23

I just wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that I had the pleasure of working with a lab that you bred recently named Cleo. I have worked with many labs and a number of English labs over the years and I found Cleo to be one of the best bred I have come across. She was not only very pretty to look at but had the agreeable temperament that one hopes for in a lab. She went home from training today and I was so impressed with her that I asked the owners for the name of her breeder, then followed up by checking out your website. I am quite impressed (and really jealous of your beautiful home and kennel!) I am always on the lookout for good breeders to recommend to clients and am very pleased to have found you. Your years of experience and emphasis on temperament and health are great to see. I just felt the need to drop you a quick note thanking you for everything you’re contributing to the world of dogs and to let you know your hard work is appreciated. Shirley A dog trainer 1/8/11

Dear Donna and Jonathan, I apologize for taking so long to contact you.  In April of this year we added to our family Endless Mountain’s Volcanic Lava!  She is the daughter of Preston/Velvet born on February 17, 2010. I’m not sure where to start and although you have heard similar stories, we look at her each day in total amazement!  She is absolutely the most incredible dog we have ever encountered.  Your web site is 100% on in your description of your breeding expertise.  There isn’t a single thing we would change about her.  She is loving, gentle, intelligent, beautiful and the best companion anyone could ever ask for. We can’t walk by her without stopping to kiss her. On day two of living in her new surroundings, she discovered the sound of sleigh bells that I have hanging on the front door.  She obviously equated the ringing of the bells with her going outside to do her business.  Since day two, she rings the sleigh bells with her nose whenever she needs to go outside.  She is so intelligent. Lava has been attending school since she was 12 weeks old. She is the “star pupil” and has advanced quickly.  My husband has taught her sign language for sit, stay, lay and come.  I taught her to retrieve a “tug-a-jug” by Busy Buddy.  I give her a hand signal and she will find it, retrieve it and then I will place a treat inside for her.  She literally is shown something twice, and she comprehends just what you are asking of her. This summer she enjoyed swimming in our in ground pool.  After swimming a few laps, she would climb out, get her own towel, roll around and then retreat to a chaise lounge to dry off. She is enjoying her Flint River Food and her Nu-Vet Vitamins. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.  We are so fortunate to have chosen you and thus chosen Lava. From our family to yours, we wish you a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jim, Michele, CJ, Lauren and Lava 12/8/10

Donna and Jonathan: On Friday, Oct. 22, Shaeley earned her AKC Rally Excellent title at the Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club Show in Bridgewater, New Jersey!  She earned a second place with a score of 96.  The judge she titled under, Arthur Cartwright, provided a challenging course, and is known for his work in the “traditional” obedience ring.  Therefore, it was quite an honor to trial under him, and additionally, to do as well as we did.  Shaeley had earned her first Rally Excellent leg on July 1 at the Chenango Valley Kennel Club in Bainbridge, NY with a first place.  On October 9, at the Port Chester Obedience Training Club trial, in Yorktown Heights, NY, Shaeley earned her second leg with a third place. I was thrilled to have Shaeley finish her Rally Excellent title at the Labrador Specialty in Bridgewater.  It was also an exceptionally wonderful day to meet another dog from Endless Mountain!  A few hours before we went into the ring, I noticed a very handsome chocolate Lab and his owner walking around the general vicinity of the obedience rings.  The woman and I struck up a conversation as both of our dogs were entered in the Excellent ring — Shaeley and I were in the “A” division, and she and her dog were entered in  Rally Excellent B.   She randomly asked what kennel Shaeley was from, and when I said  “Endless Mountain”, she nearly screamed, “So is my dog, Grady!”  We went on to talk for the next hour or two, and strangely enough, the two of us and our respective dogs earned the same score of 96! Before, we departed, Linda took a picture of Shaeley and Grady together with her cell phone and forwarded it onto me.  Now, I have a special memory of that day! I was on such a high the entire ride home.  Endless Mountain Labradors should be enormously proud of the accomplishments of Shaeley and Grady.  On October 22, Endless Mountain was represented in a fine fashion in the Rally Obedience Ring! Sincerely, Cindy Toussaint 11/4/10

Hi Donna, Just wanted to give you an update on one of your “babies”. We took Cooper home with us this past August. He is a chocolate male from Tina and Stealer. He is an absolute pleasure! Everything that you described on your website and in your video is 100% true to word. Our puppy is so smart, lovable, eager to please, gentle, funny and an all around great companion. He is so easy to train and just wants to be a good boy, he is such a pleasure to have in our lives. He has quickly become my 5 year old daughters best friend. Not to mention how close the two of us are, he follows me everywhere, just wanting to be where I am and I love it! He is sleeping right now at my feet while I write you this letter. He just loves being with us and seems so content and happy. My husband is particularly enjoying training him because it’s such a breeze. Never have we had or met such an intelligent dog. He just “gets it” right away. He follows all of our commands and we enjoy showing off to our friends (I think Cooper enjoys it too!) Let me tell you, our friends are impressed at how a dog so young obeys commands and is house broken so quickly, but that’s our Coop, he just wants to please us! He is a hit everywhere we go and he is so well behaved and loves the attention he gets from everyone. People are always asking us where we got him, that they want one like him! And we proudly sing your praises. My vet and his staff think he is just wonderful. They comment on how handsome and healthy he is and what a perfect example he is of what a “real” Labrador should look like. It makes us feel so proud but we owe it all to you and your hard work and fine breeding. We are looking forward to the holiday season with Cooper this year and will send you a Christmas card! Warmest wishes to you and your family, Ronni Moran  10/21/10

Dozer Dozer turned 1 a few days ago ( 10/07/10 parents were Chai and Stealer)  and is doing fantastic here with us. We couldnt have asked for a better puppy for the first year, and he handles our kids extremely well ( active boys 2 and 5 ).  I think we could sit here for hours telling you how much we appreciate all you have done with your animals, and in seeing Dozer grow – all your efforts are shining thru in him. Thank You Paul, Jill, Ryan and Jason  Kissolovege 10/11/10

Dear Donna, I have been remiss in emailing you. I picked a puppy from the emmy/manny litter in April of this year. My oldest daughter came with me. I named her Heidi … Heidi is now approaching her 8th month birthday, and no one can believe what a lovely and mellow puppy she is. She spends the days while i work with a dog sitter who cares for dogs on 15 acres she has sculpted for them on the property, and hikes them, and even has a special swimming pool for them. She loves Heidi so much I know she plans to collect a group of her clients to essentially have a bunch of endless mountain labs who will be together when their families have to work. She reports what I have observed. Where ever heidi goes people want to know how she can be the amazing, calm yet fully social and playful animal she is. I have million pictures of her hiking with me,or others, and she is everything you could possibly ask for in a dog. The vet has been impressed since day one and every one in our family feels she is significantly more mellow and agreeable, then one could have imagined. She is great fun to play with, inside or out, and has the temperament that i hope will allow us to have her help people in hospitals or nursing homes. She is too young to tell, of course, but i am very hopeful. Hannah Arterian 10/11/10

Hello Donna, I’m writing you to let you know that our puppy Rio is such a handsome and smart young pup who was born in the Mallory/Steeler litter.  We welcomed him into our home a year ago and ever since then he has been part of our family.  Rio is known throughout our community and goes just about every where with us.  He recently graduated Intermediate classes and will soon be moving on to Advance classes.  We have been working on his commands ever since we brought him home, and I have to say his disposition is wonderful and he is recognized as being a well behaved one year old Labrador.  I have recommended you to many friends and in fact one of our friends is looking forward to picking up his yellow male lab from endless mountain Labradors in December.  I have attached a picture of our handsome young Rio!  Enjoy the Holiday Season! Best Regards! Jessica Lento 10/10/10

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hi Donna, I couldn’t wait to email you with my news.  Belle turned 6 months on the 2nd., and has her first AKC show at the end of the month.  We’ve been going to weekly classes, and of course been practicing some at home (probably not enough),  but I decided to enter us into a local UKC event this weekend to give us both our first taste of being in the ring for real.  (Don’t frown, please, about us being a UKC event!).  She took best puppy, best bitch, best winner, and best of breed in her first show, out of 7 labs, and best bitch thereafter.  We went back today and finished her in one weekend!  She is now a 6 month old UKC champion!  I totally realize that it is a whole new game as we start with the AKC events, but she loved being out there, and seems to understand what she’s doing.  Hopefully we’ll have a bit more confidence October 1st.; its a major show for our area. I just had to share our beginners luck with you! Hope all is well with you and Jonathon. Cori Crider 09/20/10

Jonathan & Donna: I am sorry it has taken so long to update you on how wonderful the experience of owning an Endless Mountain Lab is. Last September I traveled from Alabama to Pennsylvania to pick up a black/female pup from the litter of Velvet & Preston. I was nervous about traveling with a puppy, but she was amazing. She slept the entire car ride & didn’t make a peep on the airplane. She was the most loving and precious puppy ever. When we finally made it home to Fort Rucker, Alabama– My husband and I were able to focus all of our attention on her (Zoey). She was easy to potty train (within 1-2 weeks), and her few accidents were all our fault! Zoey loves all people big and small, enjoys playing with other dogs, and likes to get wet. She especially loves rolling around in dirt! :)  She has experienced snow, rain, lakes, sand and the ocean. She loves her supplement & food, and she has not had any medical issues. It has been such a wonderful experience, and everyday we say how amazing she is. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and time you have dedicated to these amazing dogs. We wish you all the best! Sincerely, Veronica & Andrew Ernesto,Panama City Beach, FL.07/17/10

Hello Donna! We just wanted to THANK YOU for our puppies, Remington (Remi) and Ruger from the Trixie/Romeo litter.  They are 14 weeks today and are AMAZING!!!  We couldn’t love them more!  They have brought joy to our house again and filled that empty spot left from losing our 16 year old yellow lab, Kit. You are a wonderful breeder and we are glad we found you.  From the day we brought Remi and Ruger home, they were GREAT!  They knew to go to the door to go outside without us even having to show them, and their temperment is PERFECT!  I could go on and on about our puppies and how happy we are to have them.  Attached are a couple pictures of them–Remi is lighter and more dominant, but Ruger gives her a run for her money.  One picture is at our land where we are building our new home, which you can see they are already enjoying.  The others are them just being CUTE, as always! Again, THANK YOU so very much, and may God bless you and your family as much as he has blessed us with our Remi and Ruger. The Fulk Family 7/10/09

Dear Donna and Jonathan, It was one month ago yesterday that we came and picked up our cute little black labrador from Endless Mountain.  Michael and I are truly, madly in love with our wonderful puppy, Roxie!!  I thought I would give you an update and also let you know that Roxie is quite the celebrity on the block here in NYC (minus the paparazzi).  The doormen at our building said they have never seen a puppy who has received more attention in their lives from people on the street as well as inquiries from other residents in our building (and we have a very large number of dog owners living in our building).  Because of Roxie, I have met more residents in my building seeking me out because they heard of her and want to meet her. The shop keepers in the neighborhood have all extended open invitations to bring her in anytime.  But most importantly, aside from how beautiful she is, the unanimous remark from everyone has been how well behaved she is and what a great disposition she has for being such a young puppy.  I can’t tell you how many times I have passed along Endless Mountain’s name to interested people (hope you hear from all of them).  She is doing great with all the puppy training.  I have her in a puppy kindergarten class and she is quickly grasping all the exercises and really seems to enjoy it.  My puppy babysitter/dog walker said she is so impressed that Roxie already knows the sit and down command and I notice she always sits regardless of being told to when she is next to me. I just needed to brag a little to you both because I know that you can appreciate it and you probably are not at all surprised.  She has taken to housebreaking very well and it is a process since we live on the 11th floor and have to deal with an elevator. She is a dream and she is such a happy addition to what I can now call my family!! Thank you so much for breeding such lovable dogs and we truly appreciate all the time and effort you put in to making these dogs the best that they can possibly be. I will attach some pictures for you. Best Wishes, Kim Reed 06/22/09

 Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!

Hi Donna and Jonathan: Just wanted to bring you up to date on Ranger’s progress. He is doing fine now, the last two weeks has been great. Everything is normal and he is our love. Ranger (Romeo and Sophie) has been with us 1 month as of yesterday and we are extremly attached to him. He is a beautiful puppy and love being with him and he loves being with us. He is our third Lab. and although all of them have been excellent companions and we loved them all, Ranger is very special. He is extremly intelligent, he will sit and stay on command already, come when called (knowing their is a treat at the end) and we are working on down and heeling. I am amazed how acute his senses are, sight, hearing, smell. I had him out around 11:45 P.M. two nights ago and he spotted a commercial airliner flying across the sky about 25,000 feet and followed it until it was out of sight. House training has been a breeze. With the exception of a couple early accidents when first arriving,he has never gone in the house. He loves it when I sit on the floor and play with him. Ranger has bonded with me so closely that he lays on my feet at the dinner table. June and I just love him so much and know he is going to be an awesome adult dog companion.  I call him my Super puppy. I have attached some photos of Ranger with our 2 1/2 year old grandson. Dalton (our grandson) just loves him to death and loves to play with him. To tell you the truth, when I saw the joy on that little boy’s face when playing with Ranger it actually brought tears to my eyes. That alone made him worth every penny we payed for him.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for your professional attention to the breeding of your puppies. Take care and I will keep you up to date. Jerry Sheets 06/18/09

Endless Mountain Labradors

Donna and Jonathan, We are all home and getting settled in Minnesota. Our pup “TANK” has been an absolute angel. He did the ride on Saturday to Easton, PA (over 3 hours) without making a peep. When he needs to go out he gives us a little whine and out he goes. He hasn’t had an accident yet. The plane ride home went amazingly well. He slept the entire way. Needless to say, everyone just stared at our bundle. We decided that if everyone in the world owned a pup, there wouldn’t be any hatred or war. We took him to our vet on Monday and he checked out perfectly. He has had his first dose of Heartworm and Flea Medication and his stool sample was negative. He gave us something to give him on July 1st which I believe is for the prevention of parasites/worms. I will tell you (which I’m sure you know) he is a brilliant loveable cuddly fun pup! “TANKS A LOT” Joy Cacicia 6/18/09

Endless Mountain Labradors


Greetings Donna, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new little girl, who I named Stella, from Paige and Romeo’s litter.  She is absolutely wonderful; great personality, a fast learner and doing very well with potty training at only 10 weeks!!  Attached are a couple of pictures from when I picked her up and her first day home.  A true lab..just wants to be in grass, dirt, and WATER (and water bowl).  :)  Again, thank you so much! Krista (pictured below with Stella) 6/1/09

Labrador puppy

WE got a pup( from Doc/Mirabella) from you in July of ’07.  As we come up on her 2nd birthday (June 9th), I just wanted to give you an update about how she’s doing and how we’re doing with her.  She is an absolutely beautiful dog and we always get comments about her looks and her demeanor.  She is extremely friendly and thinks that everyone is there to see her, which usually happens as no one can seem to resist a wiggly lab ready to say “hi!”.  We have had many people ask where we got her, and we are always quick to tell them about Endless Mountain Labradors.  She is great with our now 6 year old son and he adores her.  We can’t imagine not having her in our lives and she is a wonderful addition to our family.  I’ve included a picture of her that was taken last fall and one of her and my son, Alex.  Thank you for caring to produce such wonderful dogs. Vickie, Chris & Alex Petriw (Dusty too!)04/30/09

Endless Mountain Labs Labrador

This beautiful Puppy brought much joy to my nephew who is wheelchair/bed ridden due to Muscular Dystrophy. He is 24yrs old and didn’t mind Eva pulling on his beard. Theresa Cole 4/1/09

Endless Mountain Labs Labrador

Hi Donna,   Just wanted to give you an update on Grady (Blanche x Ben December 2006). He received his Canine good citizenship May 2008, has been a registered therapy dog since July 2008 and this December we started obedience in Novice A.  He placed 2nd at the Lehigh Valley Obedience Trial 12-13-08.  Just this week at the Celtic Classic in York, Pa he placed 1st both Thursday and Saturday.  He now has his CD.  Yeah!  It was very exciting for both of us.   He is a wonderful dog. I can’t say enough good things about him. He is always ready to work and ready to please.   He is calm and collected in the ring, when he is working with sick people in a hospital and when he is working with me in school with special needs children.  He makes me and my family smile everyday and that is what is  important in today’s world.   Your new house and facilities look amazing.  Congratulations and I hope you are enjoying it all. Linda Gantert 3/14/09

Donna & Jonathan   We just want to say THANK YOU for the most wonderfull lab we ever expected.  She is so easy going and, other than a typical pup, is very well manored and easy going.  She is a fast learner though – faster than we anticipated.   We’re sure you see hundreds of pictures but we just had to attach a few.   Thanks also for your emails and pictures during Bailees first eight weeks of life. Jim & Kathi Weldon 3/14/09

Endless Mountain Labradors

Dear Stanley family, Our black lab LuLu is the best, loving dog in the whole wide world!!! We adopted her last December 2007 as a Christmas present….. she has been the best present ever! She was very easy to train and only had one accident and that was during a thunder storm when she was a puppy……   LuLu loves to play ball and Frisbee. Whenever we go hiking, she ends up swimming in the the reservoir and finding a friend to play retrieve with.  She is an excellent swimmer and very social with other dogs.  She is oh so very smart and oves whenwe rub her belly. In the summer we take her to the tennis courts and she is our ball girl…. She has two best friends, in the neighborhood, named Fenway, which is a yellow lab and the other one is named Bailey and she is a chocolate lab.  LuLu loves to go to her favorite place when we are not going to be home, DOGGIE DAY CARE……LuLu loves to go to day care…  She enjoys playing with her friends and rolling in puddles and mud on rainy days. My mom and Dad take her to my soft ball games and my brother’s soccer games. LuLu likes to burry her bones in our backyard and we sometimes find her toys after the snow melts. We get compliments on her everywhere we go…..people say that she has such a beautiful temperament and such a nice coat.  And in the morning, I wake up to sloppy,fishy kisses to get me up and get me to go down stairs and have breakfast. LuLu is the best dog ever!!   Thank you for such a wonderful companion!!   Sincerely, Lia and the Mozeleski family   P.S.  The picture attached was “Our First Day of School” with LuLu this past September 2008.  We hate leaving her every morning, but LOVE looking forwad to coming home to her every afternoon.

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hello Donna and Jonathan, We just wanted to give you an update on our pup (Lollipop/Gabriel) that we picked up on 1-17-09. We were the first ones there that very snowy and, I am sure for you, busy morning. We got the yellow lab pup with the one black eye brow hair, which you said “was one in a million”. We were looking for something special that had a meaning to us for her name. So, on the way back to the Rufus Tanner House, my husband came up with “Millie”, our name for “Endless Mountains One in a Million”! By the way, we haven’t plucked the hair and we hope it never falls out! We love her just like she is. The trip home was long, as you can imagine, with delayed flights and overcrowded airports. But she did well. We got hung up in Detroit so long that I had to let her out of the carrier. Needless to say she was going crazy. But she kept the very tired and frustrated crowd entertained. Especially about 30 kids! . This went on for almost two hours. I wanted to be the last to board. As I approached the hatch and a very exasperated captain and crew, I was a little worried. But they all broke into smiles and went crazy over her. When I turned the corner to the isle, she popped her head out again and you would have thought I had Marley himself with me! Everyone was saying “Millie! Millie is on the plane!” When we finally got to our seat, after greeting everyone on our way down the isle, she plopped right down and fell asleep! She woke up about a half hour from Orlando, but the stewardesses didn’t mind at all. As we were getting off the plane, I thanked them for their patience and the captain said that she had been a good distraction for everyone. So now we are home and she is settling in well. You could probably skip this next paragraph because I know you hear it all the time! She is very smart! House training has gone very well and she has taken to the leash like she was born with it attached! She is learning her commands…except for the “no biting”. That one takes a while though! We have neighbors who let us come by their house, or they stop by here, to help her practice proper greeting. She has LOT’S of energy!! Her favorite play toy is our cat! Everyone comments on her stunning good looks and asks what kind of dog she is. Most people down here are not familiar with English Lab’s…even lab owners! But they too comment on her looks and build. Being in Florida, she is rapidly shedding her puppy fur. Her coat is gorgeous! You don’t see the sheen in pictures of yellow labs, like you do the blacks and chocolates. But hers shimmers, literally! She looks a lot like Gabriel, especially in the face and neck. And of course, we tell everyone about you guys and your dogs when they ask where we got her. By the way, she went to the vet for her 2nd visit yesterday and she has gained 7 lbs! She is really growing fast. There was a huge hole left when our Abby died in October. Millie has filled our house back up with joy and happiness again. Our walks are definitely more fun again! We look forward to coming home, as our house is no longer empty. She likes to be near us and enjoys cuddling. Thank you for all that you do to breed such wonderful dogs! Hopefully, we will be back soon for a black or chocolate to add to the family. I will try to send a picture soon. Thank you again! David and Aven Puderer Vero Beach, FL 02/03/09

Hello! We purchased a female chocolate lab from you in May 2006, and named her Fargo.  I can say without hesitation that her joining our family has been, and continues to be, one of the happiest moments in our lives. She is doing well and is growing into an outstanding member of the family — as well as the community.   We are happy to report that she recently completed training as a therapy dog.  Her first few assignments have been nothing short of a tremendous and rewarding success. All that being said, we are exploring at this time the possibility of expanding our canine population.  Can you please send us any news on upcoming litters you may have…in particular, yellow labs of the same breed as Fargo. Thanks very much, Jim & Wendy Gregory Millstone Township, New Jersey 1/25/09

Hello Donna, How are you and your family. Just dropping a line to say hello with a picture of Seamus, we purchased from you on Nov.14th. Sire Romeo and Dam Melody. He is 4 months old and he is beautiful. When we take him out we are always getting compliments and everyone wants to know where we bought him, I have given many of them your name. He is so intelligent, he picks up on commands quickly and always wants to please you. He is always by our side, no matter where we are in the house. We love him to pieces and he in return gives 100% back. The photo is from my cell phone, really doesn’t due him justice. Talk to you soon and will send you a clearer photo. Regards, Mary Lou Caliendo/Edmonds. 1/27/09

HI Donna,   I just wanted to check in with some pictures of Romeo.  We sent the paperwork to register with the AKC of his legal name:   Endless Mt. Romeo Bocci  “Romeo”.   We have him one week now and he is adjusting very well.  He is a great puppy – healthy and beautiful.   Regards, Rob 1/25/09

Endless Mountain Labs Labrador Endless Mountain Labs Labrador puppy

Hi, Sorry it took so long to send pictures. Isabelle, our special needs daughter that we got Samson (Carley/Preston) for, to train as a therapy dog, stopped having seizures and started having heart issues. Needless to say it has been a busy year. Samson learned to carry in the paper at 2 1/2 months (he learned to do it in 2 days). He comes up with the goofiest things. For example: He was given a marshmallow by the kids. Instead of eating it he kept popping it out of his mouth and chasing it to do it all over again. Another time I had just washed the tiled family room floor when in came Samson and slipped on the floor, got up and ran out of the room…I had thought the slip on the floor had scared him….but no….in he ran again and again using my floor as a puppy slip and slide. I laughed so hard I cried. He loves sticks better than tennis balls. He has even tried to carry the fire logs. He was being mischevious one day and jumping off the edge of the pool on our other lab. I was on the patio swing reading the paper and told him don’t make me put this paper down and come get you out of the pool. I then set my paper down to fix Isabelle’s swimmies on her arm. When I reached back for my paper it was gone. On the other side of the pool standing in the fountain was Samson with my paper…and an ear to ear puppy grin on his face. He likes to stand on the bodyboards in the pool and balance by himself…he is getting to heavy now we need to get him a surfboard. He loves to get on the patio swing and swing with us. He is a very unique dog. When he was about 4 months old he tracked and caught a rabbit in our field and brought it to my daughter, who burst into tears cause he had caught the Easter bunny. Since then he has never brought an animal back…he still likes to follow their sent though. When my husband lets him on the bed to wake me up and I pretend to be asleep he takes and flops his whole body on me which causes me to make sounds like ump cause of his weight. He has never done that to any of the kid…he knows he is to big. When I recently came home from being in the hospital he came up on the bed while I was sleeping and layed gently next to me without putting any weight on my body. Samson is so gentle. My grandson is 6 months younger than him and they play together everyday. He knows how to hug by dropping his big ol head and shoulder to the ground next to a person (like my tiny Isabelle or my elderly mom) so his weight won’t hurt them. When I walk him in the field  by our house people in cars stop on the road to look at him. We get tons of compliments on our handsome boy. When I picked him up I had told you that we were going to name him Bo…my husbands idea, but it didn’t fit him so he became Samson a few days later.I will take more recent pictures of him and send them so you can see how big he is. We were in the process of moving into our new house when we got Samson so I do not know if you have our current information. Cape Coral, FL 33991 sincerely, Cindy Schneck 07/05/10


 Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!  Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!

Hi Donna, How are you? My name is Miranda Silverman and I purchased my dog Cash from you almost (gasp!) 4 years ago. He was born on November 11, 2005. I have attached a photo of him for you as well. Let me say that I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I could write pages and pages on what an amazing companion he has been to me, my boyfriend, and my family. SUCH a sweetheart and a REAL character. Thanks so much! Miranda Silverman Boston, MA 10/30/09

Miranda and Cash the Black Lab

I would first like to thank you for the advice you gave me in July about getting a new vet…I did and I have found one I can work with who respects your knowledge and our opinions and I am really happy with the change.  We brought our male puppy, Rocco, home on July 18th.  He is from the Doc/Beatrice litter and you referred to the 2 males as Doc Jr’s and he definently is looking more like Doc every day!!  He is 5 months old and doing great!  He just finished puppy kindergarten last week and he will be going on to basic obedience next week…he loves the classes and the training, and he has a best friend he met there..a female black lab named Chloe!  He is very smart and eager to please and my hopes are for him to eventually be a therapy dog.  I loved the picture of Doc doing his therapy work…I hope Rocco will follow in his footsteps.  Rocco LOVES children, other dogs and food.  His temperament is exactly like you said it would be…he is extremely gentle with children and elderly people and calm and well-mannered when we go out in public.  People are always asking what type of dog he is and where we got him.  I’m finding that people expect labs to be crazy and hyper (Marley like that is) and Rocco isn’t like that.  The hard work you put into breeding is evident in his personality, temperament, and good looks, so we thank you for that.  We have kept him on the Flint River Ranch and NUVet and his coat is beautiful…just like you said it would be!!  I did want to ask you if you think we should switch him to the trout and sweet potato soon and if so is there an advantage of that food over the puppy/adult kibble?  By the way, our 2 boys love Rocco so much and he gets to spend lots of time going to parks, football games, and playing fetch.  I will send you more pictures in the future.  Thank you so much for all the work that you do to breed such wonderful, healthy labs! Renee and Darren Yeager 10/10/09

Hi Donna, I picked up a Liberty/Romeo puppy on June 21, 2009.  Shorty after I picked Rio up I had some news about an ill family member. Due to the circumstances I thought I would have to re-home Rio. You were of great support, and sent many resources my way. Well, after speaking with many possible applicants I knew I just couldn’t relinquish my amazing little guy. Where there is a will there is a way I thought. I was able to make possible arrangements and tremendously thankful that I was able to keep Rio.  :). Rio is now 7 months old and growing to be an outstanding boy. He is my shadow and my pal in everyday life. Since I picked him up at 8 weeks he has been a great co-pilot in the car. He is happy to go out for a hike, or just rest at  my feet. Of course on his heated bed. Just as your video states your dogs do have a, you walk on water devotion to their people. I am a co- leader of a few  4-H groups and we were taking Santa photos yesterday and of course Rio was with me and I received many comments of when he goes to greet people he frequently checks back in with me. Needing to always know where I am.  He has a great spirit about him. I have had many dogs, but he amazes me each day how he continues to take everything in stride. Mentally sound as can be. This truly validates the time and effort you place in your pups.  Thank you for your determination and kind first 8 weeks of life you gave him. As many of your other clients have mentioned, Rio is adored by everyone that sees him. They just cannot say enough how handsome he is. I have to tell you, when he was much younger and needed some crate time, I would put some religious music on for him and he would relax peacefully. After some time I recalled that you had similar music playing in the puppy room. What a nice way to bring the puppies up. :) Well I could go on for ever about him, but I will stop here. I will send some pictures soon. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas. Pat Herman 11/29/09

Donna, Jonathan & Olivia, (Emmy too!!) Sophie and her human companions just wanted to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! It’s been a whole year since you’ve seen your surrogate daughter “Sophie” (emmy & coffee crisp 9/’08). I just wanted to say how great our year has been with her too. She’s a great friend to each of our children, gentle, obediant, and of course ready for fun. From a very snowy Long Island, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year! Judi, Dave, Alexandra, Olivia, Mia, David & “Sophie”  D’Achille 12/20/09

Labradors are great family pets

Donna & Jonathan, Hi, and Merry Christmas to you and your families!  Just wanted to give you a long overdue update of our Daisy.  (Born to Doc and Mia 5/28/09)  The compliments we receive on her are truly endless.  She is beautiful and smart and so much fun to have in our home.  We waited such a long time before deciding on the right puppy for our family and I am so glad we chose her and you.  The six hour ride from your home to ours in Long Island, NY was quite the trip, but she was a fabulous passenger all the way.  She laid on my lap and slept almost the whole way.  It was a nice bonding experience for us.  Once home she acclimated to our family very quickly, never barking at night in the crate or whining as many puppies do.  It was like she knew this was where she was meant to be.  Our kids couldn’t be happier with her if they tried.  Our daughter just loves to hug and mush her all up and she is happy to oblige.  Our son (3 years old) calls her his best friend.  Anything he does out in the yard they do together and she is always there to entertain him.  He can rough her a little and she loves it or he can mush her a little and she loves that too.  They are an adorable pair, what a great family dog. I will say potty training her was an absolute breeze.  She never went in the house or on a paper.  Only outside and only in the area we chose as her potty.  It worked out beautifully.  I am sure you guys had something to do with that, so thank you.  Our obedience training went very well, she graduated puppy school with out a problem and we will be moving on to more advanced training in the spring if all goes well.  She is a very spirited puppy and loves being social with other people and dogs, Daisy is a lab 100%. Thanks again for such a great puppy and have a happy holiday season and a happy healthy new year.  The attached picture of Daisy was taken when she was only 5 months old (we did Christmas photos early this year). Sharon Gallagher 12/20/09

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hi Donna and Jonathan, On August 28 we came to your home and adopted one of the Essense / Romeo girls and we named her Carley.  That sweet little darling has brought so much happiness to our home!  I have been wanting to email you and tell you what a wonderful experience adopting one of your puppies has been for my family.  There are just so many things I want to thank you for that I hope I remember them all.  First, I want to thank you for being such a responsible breeder.  My first lab  Zoe was purchased from a Pet Store which ended only 22 short months later with us having to euthanize her for Kidney Disease.  My family, as you can imagine, suffered such heartbreak from her death.  Who could not love that lab?  Luckily this time, we did it right when we found you!  In just this little time, I have noticed such a difference between the two dogs.  Our Endless Mountain Carley was trained in just 3 days!  She is calm and very obedient.  We have even mastered come and sit after just 1 week!  We are absolutely thrilled with her.  Not to mention, she is the cutest dog on the block! I also want to thank you for all the information that you gave me over the time that I was waiting for Carley to come home.  I have learned more about dog raising and labs from you both than I ever learned from my vet in all the time we had our other dog.  I really feel that with all that information we are set to provide our Carley with a long healthy life. Also, I wanted to comment on how well Carley has taken to the Flint River Food and the NuVet supplements.  I cannot believe how she gobbles up her supplement.  She eats them like it’s steak or something! Lastly, I just really want to let you know that what you do–being a responsible breeder–is noble.  You should be blessed for bringing such joy to all of the families that you do.  I will be forever greatful for being so lucky to adopt one of your dogs! I would love to keep in touch and will visit your website frequently.  Good Luck with your show dogs and we will of coarse be watching for Romeo!  Take care and God Bless you both! PS I have included some pictures of our sweetheart Carley! Tawni S. Connor Principal Chesterbrook Academy 09/09/09

I would first like to thank you for the advice you gave me in July about getting a new vet…I did and I have found one I can work with who respects your knowledge and our opinions and I am really happy with the change.  We brought our male puppy, Rocco, home on July 18th.  He is from the Doc/Beatrice litter and you referred to the 2 males as Doc Jr’s and he definently is looking more like Doc every day!!  He is 5 months old and doing great!  He just finished puppy kindergarten last week and he will be going on to basic obedience next week…he loves the classes and the training, and he has a best friend he met there..a female black lab named Chloe!  He is very smart and eager to please and my hopes are for him to eventually be a therapy dog.  I loved the picture of Doc doing his therapy work…I hope Rocco will follow in his footsteps.  Rocco LOVES children, other dogs and food.  His temperament is exactly like you said it would be…he is extremely gentle with children and elderly people and calm and well-mannered when we go out in public.  People are always asking what type of dog he is and where we got him.  I’m finding that people expect labs to be crazy and hyper (Marley like that is) and Rocco isn’t like that.  The hard work you put into breeding is evident in his personality, temperament, and good looks, so we thank you for that.  We have kept him on the Flint River Ranch and NUVet and his coat is beautiful…just like you said it would be!!  I did want to ask you if you think we should switch him to the trout and sweet potato soon and if so is there an advantage of that food over the puppy/adult kibble?  By the way, our 2 boys love Rocco so much and he gets to spend lots of time going to parks, football games, and playing fetch.  I will send you more pictures in the future.  Thank you so much for all the work that you do to breed such wonderful, healthy labs! Renee and Darren Yeager 10/10/09

Dear Donna and Jonathan, I can’t tell you how much we LOVE, Molly, our Black Female Lab we picked up from you last Friday August 28th.  She has been with us 1 week and we all are so in love with her!!  My kids are over the moon, everyone that meets her thinks she is beautiful.  Molly was so good on the 5 hour ride back she sat in my lap and slept most of the time.  House training has gone really good.  She has gone a few days in a row with no accidents.  She is doing well in the crate too.  Has not had any accidents and the last few nights has slept through the night 8 hours!! Thanks so much!! I have attached a few pictures. The Albee Family 09/04/09

Endless Mountain Labradors

Hi Donna I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for the BEST PUPPY EVER!  Fred is from the Romeo/Melody litter and I can’t believe that we’ve had her for two months already!  She is growing FAST!  She is already 30lbs!  She is such a well-mannered pup and has done great with potty training and loves car rides! We are actually taking her on her first long road trip in a week.  (CT to SC)  I can’t wait to show her a beach!  She LOVES the water!!!  She truly is a special pup and we love her so much. Thank you so much again for everything!  We couldn’t be happier! Here are some of my favorite pictures from when we brought her home.  Hope you and your family are doing well! Love Gina, AJ and “A girl named FRED!” 07/24/09

Fred the female Lab  Choose your Labrador Retriever wisely. Endless Mountain Labradors can help you decide on the perfect canine companion for years to come!

Hi Donna, I just wanted you to know that our little chocolate female is doing very, very well.  She was a trooper on our long ride home to Long Island and has not had one accident in the house yet (unbelievable!!!)  She must be the smartest puppy I have ever owned.  She visited the vet yesterday and she was so impressed with her – she loved her build, coat, bone structure and health.  Thank you so much for the high standard of pups that you so lovingly raise.  I know that she will become the dog of our dreams. With Abundant Gratitude~ Diane Reed 09/02/09

Dear Donna, I would first like to thank you for breeding such spectacular labradors!! We are totally amazed by Tonka (4 months). He’s smart, beautiful, loveable and so mellow that sometimes it’s like we don’t even have a puppy in the house:) I read all the other  Endless Mountain owners’ comments and they take the words right out of my mouth…we can’t be happier! I am lucky enough to bring Tonka (and my 21/2 year old son) to work with me and my customers go crazy over him!!!! I constantly brag about you, your home, kennel and labradors. My husband thinks you’re the best kept secret in our area and feels we (I) shouldn’t give out your info so quickly. I think he wants me to screen them…LOL!!! Anyway, my future plans for Tonka is to get his CGC. If that doesn’t work out then he’ll just be the best family dog anyone could ever ask for.  Enjoy the pics…he’s so beautiful!!! Thank you again! Beth Dantoni (Crickett/Stealer 05/06/09)

Hi Donna and Jonathan, I picked up Baxter (Casey/Romeo litter) on April 17th 2009 and he’s has been such a joy!  Everyone, including his vet, loves him and says they can tell he came from a great breeder.  He is wonderful with kids and other dogs and wants to say hello to everyone he meets.  He’s such a smart, beautiful, loving and even tempered puppy who makes me laugh everyday.  I love him so much!  I have enclosed some pictures I think you’d enjoy.  You can add us to your reference list.  Thanks so much! Melissa Madison, CT 08/11/09

Endless Mountain Labradors Endless Mountain Labradors Endless Mountain Labradors

good morning donna!!! hope all is well and your summer has been relaxing! i cannot believe how quickly it is going by! Lola is a gem. we are totally in love with her. Yesterday, we took her to saratoga new york and someone in a cab stopped and literrally asked if she was from endless mountain lab. He knew the “look.” She is gaining about  about 2 lbs per week! sarah stitzer 09/11/09

Good Morning Donna and Jonathan! Just wanted to drop a note and let you know we are in love with Lizzy! She slept on my lap the whole 4 hour ride back, explored her new home, in and out,  and promptly went into the crate and slept a FULL 7 HOURS first night!! Last 2 nights she was up once around 3:00 a.m. but goes and comes back in with no problem.  We are amazed at how she listens so well too – fetching and returning, stops biting when told, etc. etc.  We could not be happier.  Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job bringing her to us. Best, Connie and Jim 08/09/09